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Pyaar Ke Do Naam actress Kanika Gautam: “After attending over 1000 auditions, I finally succeeded in this one”

Kanika Gautam was also seen in the film Kaisa Yeh Fitoor.



Kanika Gautam

When asked how she landed the role in the movie, Pyaar Ke Do Naam Kanika said, “It was a mix of hard work, dedication, and being in the right place at the right time. After attending over 1,000 auditions, I finally succeeded in this one.”

The movie Pyar Ke Do Naam is set to be released in theaters soon. It is produced by Reliance Entertainment and directed by Danish Javed. I auditioned for it and got the role. Previously, I was part of a Broadway musical called ‘Balle Balle’, produced by Wizcraft and directed by Viraf Sarakari. I did 200 shows as the lead in that musical. I knew that after doing theatre, I wanted to move to the big screen. I have worked prior in the film, Kaisa Yeh Fitoor.

“Kaisa Yeh Fitoor is my second film, but it was released before my first one. My first film is, Pyaar Ke Do Naam. The director of this movie, Pyaar Ke Do Naam, liked my audition, and then we did a look test. They wanted me to play the role of Saima, a 19-year-old girl, and I fit the part”, mentioned Kanika.

Kanika further adds, “Saima is a Muslim with a modern outlook yet holds firmly to her principles and values. She certainly maintains a balance between her modernity and her principles.”

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Kanika cited, “I had a great experience working with all my co-stars. I wasn’t very familiar with the medium, and they were a big help because my background was more in theatre. My co-stars, who have worked in television and the Southern film industry, helped me a lot. Two of them, Bhavya Sachdeva and Ankita Sahu, were especially helpful and went out of their way to support me.”

“The weather was icy when we filmed a scene in the month of January, and I had to wear a light Lucknowi kurti while everyone else on the set was bundled up in shawls and jackets.  My teeth were chattering—it was kind of a humorous moment. We were shooting with 100 students from Aligarh University, which was a unique experience since it was the first time we got permission to shoot on the campus of the university. We filmed in a range of locations, including Aligarh University, Moradabad, and Kerala. The entire shoot wrapped up in 3 months,” recalls Kanika.

When we asked Kanika, whom she looks forward to sharing the screen with, she mentioned, “Shah Rukh Khan has been my favorite actor since childhood. He’s the most inspiring actor and individual I’ve ever seen. I’m looking forward to working with him, and I’m confident it will happen one day.”

Kanika brought up that, “My favorite actress is Alia Bhatt because I really admire her. She can seamlessly fit into any character, whether it’s a diva, a young girl, or even a Gujarati girl like in the film Gangubai Kathiawadi”.

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