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Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor and more Celebs Pour Support for the Vicks #TouchOfCare campaign with heart-warming wishes for our Frontline workers

Popular celebrities across the country came forward to acknowledge their touch of care that we can draw inspiration from during these tough times!



Ranveer Singh, Sonam Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor

In the past year, we have all experienced a new meaning of care reflected in the selflessness of our doctors and healthcare workers during the pandemic and always. Some are still fighting while we lost a few incredible lives who have left behind incomplete dreams of care. Popular celebrities across the country came forward to acknowledge their touch of care that we can draw inspiration from during these tough times!

Sonam Kapoor:

“All we wanted in these times was our loved ones to be around us, safe and sound; so, does every parent and family member. Dr. Bhosale taught us the most important thing — help selflessly and ensure everyone’s safety. Thank you to @vicks_india for shedding light upon this act of care and extending their #TouchOfCare to keep Mr. Bhosale’s dream alive. We should all pledge to extend our share of care to them.” Her husband was quick to react on the same with applauds, expressing his gratitude towards all the doctors.

Ranveer Singh:

“This past year has been tough for everyone. This National Doctor’s Day, the @vicks_india #TouchOfCare campaign is here to remind us how it has been particularly difficult for our doctors and their families. Let us honour their courage and be kind to one another in these challenging times.”

Arjun Kapoor:

“Experiencing it up close, I’ve personally been at the receiving end of a doctor’s #TouchOfCare and am grateful to have had received this care when I needed it. Today I take the opportunity to express my gratitude once again towards many brave souls like Dr Dnyaneshwar Bhosale who showcased extraordinary acts of care without any hesitation. Thank you @vicks_india for this film and a beautiful reminder to keep their #TouchOfCare alive and I urge all of you to extend your share of care to each of their families and support everyone around us.”

Shraddha Kapoor:

“Moved to tears after watching Dr Bhosale’s brave act of care and how he managed to spread smiles around every room he entered. It is overwhelming to see our frontline workers sacrificing their day and night caring for our nation.

Thanks @vicksindia #TouchOfCare campaign, for helping me witness the real side of the story, and for taking me through this heartwarming journey of Dr Dnyaneshwar Bhosale.

This a huge tribute to the frontline workers and a beautiful reminder on National Doctor’s Day to extend our #TouchOfCare in small ways towards the doctors and their families.” Moved by her post, celebrity dancer Salman Yusuff Khan also re-posted the video and share “My heart is crying. But inspired and overwhelmed to know that good people do exist. This is definitely worth a share, inspired by Dr Bhosale’s selfless life and unconditional love and dedication towards helping others. Thank u @shraddhakapoor for posting this.”

Vidya Balan:

“Each and every moment in the @vicks_india #TouchOfCare film, speaks a thousand stories. While many of us are safe and sound at home with our families, many healthcare workers just like Dr. Dnyaneshwar Bhosale step out everyday with a brave face to care for our nation and fight the Covid battle. And my heart fills with immense respect and gratitude towards each one of those who’ve gone beyond their duty-calls and cared for our nation. God bless Mrs. Bhosale for being the rock of the family and showing immense courage to keep Dr. Bhosale’s #TouchOfCare alive with the support from @vicks_india . On the eve of National Doctor’s Day, I just want to salute and extend my share of care towards many such doctors and their families.”

Sania Mirza:

“A parent’s love is unconditional and Dr. Bhosale treated every child who entered his hospital with this extraordinary care. I was deeply moved by the @vicks_india #TouchOfCare film as it was a reminder of all the important life lessons we have learnt in the past year and a half. On this National Doctor’s Day, I urge everyone of you take the step to care and be considerate towards the doctors and their families. Afterall, care is the essence of humanity.”

Dr Dnyaneshwar Bhosale’ s story has really shaken us and had us live through the reality of many healthcare families for the past year and a half. While this film pulls at our strings, I hope it also inspires the country to support each other. Our nation ha been blessed with some incredible medical warriors and its time we stend our hand of care and love towards each one of them and their families.