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Secret New Year rendezvous and late date-nights between this starkid and her co-star are earning her quite a wild name!

Inspite of the duo denying being romantically involved, the young star and her co-star can’t seem to get enough of each other



This young starkid is one wild child. Of what we have been hearing of her, the newbie quite clearly belongs to the bold and the beautiful brigade. She was recently in news for her link up rumours with a co-star. The co-star meanwhile seems to be in and out of his own not-so-steady relationship. We have learnt that while this actress isn’t in any committed relationship with the star, there’s no dearth of flings and her ‘date diary’ is always full. But this one here is special. What’s more, the actress and her co-star while denying the fact that they were ever romantically involved had actually brought in the New Year together, that says a different story altogether from their own version.

Not just that, the actress is a regular at his residence too, though she was snapped by the paps on a very rare occasion. While she hasn’t confirmed dating him, she doesn’t deny it either. Although her devil-may-care attitude is quite a refreshing change from the previous generations of the politically correct actors, her parent doesn’t seem too happy about the way things are shaping. However, there’s no stopping the starkid who doesn’t care about either the worried parent, or about the industry rumours.

While the actress believes in no-strings attached relationships, the boy in question is struggling between his former-love, who hasn’t completely moved away from him. The two have been on the verge of rekindling their romance for a long time now. But the actor here can’t seem to decide which way to go. Looks like the reel life drama has poured in his real love life too and he is not amused. Not only is he torn between his feelings for the two girls, but juggling between them for now is also a task. While the starkid is aware of his ex, the ex in the equation is unaware of his new dalliances. Well, what do you think of this love triangle? Do let us know in the comments section below. And stay tuned to CineBlitz for all the Bollywood news and updates.