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Taanaji to Tanhaji, Ajay Devgn’s film title was changed because of THIS reason

Ajay Devgn’s decision to change his film title to Tanhaji: The Unsung Hero has a reason and popular astrologer and numerologist – Bhavikk Sangghvi reveals the exclusive details




Ajay Devgn revealed a few days back that his next historical has been postponed to January 10, 2020. However, not many noticed the other detail that was revealed. The name of the movie was also changed from Taanaji: The Unsung Warrior to Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior. This made us curious! We wanted to know why was the title changed and what would the impact be. Hence we rung up our buddy – Bhavikk Sangghvi – who is a popular astrologer as well as numerologist. To our surprise, we learnt that in fact he was the one who suggested the changes.

Bhavikk Sangghvi reveals to us exclusively, “They (producers) often come to me for consultation for their film titles. We had suggested that now since the film is opening in 2020, they change (the title). It is regularly done (changing titles). Even during Padmavati, we suggested them to change it to Padmaavat, with a double ‘A’ in between. Numerology has taken over Bollywood and I don’t blame them. Astrologically or numerologically, it is a proven science. Whenever we suggest a client to make changes, we synchronise his date of birth with the title or company name or his own name and bring it to a very auspicious or lucky number. By doing this, the chances of the success of the product or thing or movie or the person working, are far higher.”

Ajay Devgn’s tweet regarding the movie:

Bhavikk further adds, “Every alphabet has a certain value attached to it and if your name and birth date is not in sync with each other, then it will give you hardships or struggle will increase.” But was Tanhaji an outcome of the change in the release date? Bhavikk Sangghvi mentions to us exclusively, “The title change was not due to the change in release date. It was suggested in the very beginning itself. The benefit will be at the box office. It is a big budget, highly anticipated film. So this will help the box office prospect to be better as well as get critical acclaim (for Ajay Devgn).” What do you have to say about this revelation? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below!

(Bhavikk Sangghvi is a renowned astrologer and numerologist. You can follow him on Twitter @bhavikksangghvi)