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Tanushree Dutta writes an emotional post as she leaves India; says “she is overwhelmed with gratitude!”

As she leaves for America, Tanushree Dutta pens down her thoughts and emotions…



A few months ago when Tanushree Dutta arrived in India, no one knew she would start a revolution. Yes, the actress was the catalyst for India’s #MeToo movement. She not only exposed things that happened to her, but also how others around her chose to stay quiet. Seeing her fighting spirit, several other celebrities came out in the open and spoke about their #MeToo stories. Tanushree brought about a change and inspired many others to finally open up and share their stories. And as she returns to America, the actress feels that India has the potential to break free from the oppressors.

She penned down her emotions as she left the country. She wrote, “Hello friends, It’s been a roller-coaster ride last 6 months. My heart is heavy as I leave overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude for all those who stood by me and honoured me in these times. Made a lot of new friends and had a lot of self discovery. My faith in God along with  confidence in myself has become stronger as I have witnessed the impact my words and journey had on the masses and the reception I got. The youth of India has great potential. A very intelligent and progressive lot that if guided well and given the right opportunities will transform this country and maybe the world. Many people of older generations also displayed their wisdom by willing to consider a new kind of thought process and willing to embrace change. I think India as a country has this spiritual potential that cannot be described. The seed of greatness is here.”

Talking about the future, she added, “You are a very special lot chosen to dissolve oppressive and obsolete power structures as well as dogmas, judgements and mindsets and establish a more wholesome, intelligent and compassionate approach in society. My best wishes to you all. Keep learning new things, keep growing, keep seeking and keep asking for all the good things of life. You deserve the best so keep believing that. I’m going to take your leave now. Thank you for everything.” What do you guys have to say about her emotional letter? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below!