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Team Mumbai Aces’ Anuj Khurana reveals he plays cricket for different clubs in between his acting gigs

The actor is also looking forward to watching the current season of Indian Premier League (IPL).



Team Mumbai Aces' Anuj Khurana

Anuj Khurana will be playing for Team Mumbai Aces in the third season of Actors Cricket Bash (ACB). This tournament founded by Dilip Agrawal and has the tagline #ReelActorsRealCricket is being held between March 19 and March 22 at the Air India Ground, Mumbai. The games are played in T10 formats.

“It’s always a pleasure to play proper cricket and we have been doing it for the last two years with Actors Cricket Bash. I also play cricket for other clubs but there’s nothing like getting on the field and playing proper cricket with fellow colleagues. I enjoy this more than playing on turf or with the tennis ball. ACB is a great tournament. We all are friends but on field we all are like enemies and I guess you all have seen it in the past two seasons the competition that is there. Things will be the same this year as well,” he says.

The actor says that in India cricket is a religion. “I love playing cricket. Apart from being in front of the camera, that’s the second thing I love. I have already started practicing for ACB. Last year also we had hoped things would work out but Covid happened. This year things are looking better. We are busy with our net practice now. The fact that I play cricket regularly is an advantage,” he adds.

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Anuj’s favourite player is Mahendra Singh Dhoni. “He is so cool on the field and a wicket keeper. I’m a wicket keeper too.  So I idolized him. He is like a true god to me,” he says.

Talking about his expectations from ACB, he adds, “This is like a little carnival, a little fest for all of us where we all get to meet other actors and the atmosphere is so fantastic. We also get to meet those people with whom we are not working but share a good rapport. I am looking forward to all the fun.”

Having known Dilip Agarwal for three years, Anuj only has good things to say about the former. “He is such a cool person, very cooperative and understanding.  I knew him when I was not a part of ACB. I know how he drafted me in the teams. He is a gem of a person and I really look forward to playing many more seasons of ACB,” he expresses his desire.

The actor is also looking forward to watching the current season of Indian Premier League (IPL). “I don’t miss out on the IPL. I’m a very big fan of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) because of Dhoni, so it’s always whistle podu for me (laughs). This season too I am excited to see the matches,” he ends.

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