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“The ex-contestants are behaving like paid PRs”: Ilham Goni on Diandra’s ‘MCP’ comment on Aly

“The ex-contestants are behaving like paid PRs who are just disrespecting others and spreading hatred”, said Ilham Goni



Ilham Goni and Aly Goni

As soon as a new season of “Bigg Boss” goes on-air, the ex-contestants make sure they judge and review every waking hour of the present contestants. “Bigg Boss” eight contestant Diandra Soares and season seven participant VJ Andy are also one of them. When recently in one of her tweets the former went on to call season 14 contestant Aly Goni “MCP”, his sister Ilham Goni, who believes in calling a spade a spade, called it “unacceptable” and also said that they shouldn’t judge anyone based on a short clip.

During the captaincy task, Rubina Dilaik did not just have an argument with her good friend Jasmin Bhasin, but she had also locked horns with her husband and co-contestant Abhinav Shukla. Her disrespectful behaviour towards her husband was not appreciated by the other contestants, and while having a conversation with good friend Jasmin, Aly Goni spoke in favour of Abhinav and said “Mere ko aisi biwi biwi mile toh main seedha kar doon.”

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Diandra took this to her heart, and tweeted, “TOXIC MALE ALERT. So not just a gunda but also a MCP!!!! If only aapke mummy ne aapko seedha kara diya hota !!! Ugh… really wish we teach our sons better. And he even speaks badly to #jasmin at certain times, goes to show how uncouth. Find a better bf jas. #alygundagoni.”

Andy too tweeted, “Oh my god! What does @AlyGoni mean SEEDHA KARDU @jasminbhasin ne Toh kaha ke #AlyGoni Toh apni mom ko Atcha treat katha hai, pata chal tha hai ko biwi ko kaise treat karega. I’m so sad to hear a young man say this, r these the role models we want for our men?#BiggBoss2020.”

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Expressing her views on their tweets, Ilham said, “It’s fine if she criticises his game, but she can’t comment on his upbringing. For their own benefit, they are stooping down to such a level. They don’t know Aly and just on the basis of a 15-second conversation, they can’t call someone MCP. It’s unacceptable. They all have shown their ugly sides because it’s a game and you are watched by the cameras 24/7. People will say things but that doesn’t mean you can judge their whole life and character on that basis.”

“No one has asked them to write a thesis on any contestant. They can enjoy the show and comment on the game without getting personal. Many people are commenting gracefully which doesn’t even hurt, but they behave like paid PRs who are just tweeting for their own benefits and are just disrespecting others and spreading hatred,” she added.

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She also feels that because they were once in the shoes of the present contestants, they should not drag anyone’s family or upbringing in the game. She also mentioned that if they want to share their opinions, they can do it gracefully too.

“If they are ex-contestants they should be more careful and not hurt anyone’s sentiments by bringing their families in between. And the same goes for Andy. He is also doing the same. He is also targeting Aly for no reason. They are trying to find anything against him in those unseen clips just to degrade him. It’s a game you comment on how a person is playing without getting personal. Calling someone MCP is a very big thing,” Ilham said.

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“Are the ex-contestants like Andy and Diandra trying to give a negative picture of Aly. There are other ex-contestants like Gauahar Khan and Hina Khan who give their opinions on social media so gracefully. Gauahar gave it back to Pavitra (Punia) and she had a reason to do that, still, she did it in such a dignified way without spreading hatred,” she added.

Earlier, Ilham had also responded to their tweets, by replying from her Twitter handle where she wrote, “@iamvjandy @diandrasoares13 try as hard as you can to spread hatred against @AlyGoni. This defines your personality. Stoop as low as you can. We are here staying strong, not degrading anyone. Try your best. People haven’t forgotten your seasons. Karma Will hit back. @ColorsTV.”