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These two stars are new entrants into the Mile High Club?

This young actress got into the act with her actor boyfriend mid-air, but didn’t quite manage it all…



This young actress, who also happens to be the daughter of a legendary actress, recently caused quite a stir mid-air. The young star was caught sitting on the lap of her alleged boyfriend with whom she has also shared screen-space. While the duo has been linked to one another for quite some time, they have maintained they are just ‘close friends.’ As if we don’t know what that means! Anyway, coming back to the incident, the two were travelling together on a flight when the actress’ PDA caused much embarrassment to some fuddy-duddies around. According to an eyewitness, the actress went and plonked herself on the actor’s lap. A senior co-passenger got scandalized and objected about it to the airlines staff too.

However, the young couple showed no signs of wanting to stop their mid-air romance and paid no heed, neither to the staff’s polite requests nor to the senior citizen’s complaints. However with all this attention coming their way, their attempt at joining the mile-high-club didn’t end successfully! But was this their first attempt or have they engaged in such kind of PDA earlier as well? Well, we don’t know that yet. Though we do know that on landing too, the entire matter was hushed up as the actress’ influential mentor made all the right calls. Well, better luck next time! Hope the next flight doesn’t have boring moralistic co-passengers to interrupt your canoodling!

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