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Twinkle Khanna inaugurates Female Anemia Risk Indicator Tool to Help Indian Women Beat Anemia

On Iron Deficiency Day, the actor inaugurated Female Anemia Risk Indicator on



Twinkle Khanna

Anemia is a critical health concern in India, affecting over 50% women. Usually hemoglobin less than 12 gm/dL  is considered as anemia, and women, in particular, are at a higher risk for developing Anemia. Several reasons contribute to anemia: poor nutrition, worm infections, heavy and abnormal menstruation, and pregnancy where there is higher need for hemoglobin in the blood. This is complicated by a considerable lack of awareness about anemia in India.

Therefore to address this issue at greater level, eminent Bollywood actress and author Twinkle Khanna inaugurated the Female Anemia Risk Indicator (FARI) on Iron Deficiency Day (26th November 2020). FARI is a simple yet powerful online tool available on where women can answer a set of simple questions related to their dietary habits and lifestyle, and this tool will help them understand whether they could be at risk of developing anemia.

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Female Anemia Risk Indicator has been intelligently designed keeping in mind the busy schedules of women and the need for an indicator that can be used anytime, anywhere. This tool will help women to know if they are at risk of anemia. They may need to visit a medical practitioner for further advice.

Twinkle Khanna, has also been actively involved in championing against anemia via the #morethanbara awareness campaign in collaboration with Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd, a leading Indian pharmaceutical company. By participating in the #morethanbara jingle, Twinkle’s efforts in raising awareness about the importance of maintaining a hemoglobin level more than12 gm/dL in women have led to significant attention on social media.

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As Twinkle Khanna rightly summarized, “Anemia in women is a significant health concern. Hence, Female Anemia Risk Indicator available on is a much-needed tool that women can easily use to know whether they are at risk of developing anemia, and eventually take the right steps to correct it.”

Emcure also collaborated with the Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies of India (FOGSI) for raising awareness about anemia. FOGSI has played a pivotal role in making informative and easy-to-understand content available on and has also offered expert guidance from the medical perspective.

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FOGSI President, Dr.Alpesh Gandhi, informs, “FOGSI is committed to women’s health and bringing into fruition the vision of anemia-free India. We value the partnership with Emcure and jointly started the #morethanbara initiative and their newly launched website- Various FOGSI members have been contributing their views on anemia and advice periodically on this website. I would encourage people to visit for a comprehensive understanding of anemia, which can be extremely helpful even during this pandemic.”

Explaining the vision behind these initiatives, Executive Director of Emcure, NamitaThapar, goes on to say, “As a woman, I dream of a country where women can be in the best of health. Easily curable diseases like anemia should not stop women from dreaming big and putting their best foot forward. I hope this website empowers our women with the information and tools needed to combat anemia.”

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Women’s health has always taken a backseat because of the different roles they play and the biggest responsibility of becoming a mother that only they can shoulder. Now, it is imperative for them to empower themselves with the right knowledge and take the right actions. So women, what are you waiting for? Log on to, check whether you are at risk for developing anemia, and take prompt corrective actions as needed. Let’s work towards making India anemia free!