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What does 2019 have in store for Bollywood stars? Celebrity astrologer Shradha Salla predicts

As the New Year begins to unfold, celebrity astrologer SHRADHA SALLA makes predictions for Bollywood stars in 2019.

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Ayushmann Khurrana

His birth date is 14/9/1984. The two energies that we look at in numerology are your birth number and your destiny number. In his case – 14=1+4=5; 14/9/1984 = 36 and 3+6= 9. His energies are ruled by number 5, which is his birth number, and by number 9, which is his destiny number. Number 5 is ruled by the planet Mercury and number 9 is ruled by Mars.

Mercury is a planet that is very analytical and focused. When they take up something, they completely get into it. Similarly, with Ayushmann, he immerses himself into his characters. Number 5 is also a factor of luck. Whichever movie he does, some aspect will be a success; be it a cameo, a dialogue or a song, it is sure to be a hit.

Number 9 is his destiny number – where the future is going to take you. 9 is ruled by Mars and it is the planet of fire. Ayushmann has a lot of passion within him, so he has to keep channelising his energy on a regular basis. 2018 was his 34th year, which was ruled by Neptune. Number 34 has to do with foreign lands, so there was a lot of travel, a lot of to-and-fro energy. Post his 35th birthday, he will have to take a little more care of his health and a lot of small, unforeseen things, since it is ruled by Shani (Saturn). Number 9 is the number of extremes, so in this case, he might be very hyper.

Varun Dhawan

He was born on 24/4/1987. His birth number totals up to 6, and number 6 is ruled by Venus (Shukra), and it is the planet of arts and entertainment. Hence, his movies always release on a Friday because it is the day of Venus. Shukra is the day of love, passion, growth, money, expenditure, media and PR. All the actors will try and get their name to number 6, all their movie names to come to number 6, and if number 6 doesn’t work, they’ll get it to number 1. Varun is a born entertainer and a natural.

His Destiny number 8 – is ruled by Shani (Saturn). Shani either takes you to the top or gets you down. Varun, somehow, tries to maintain a balance, but you’ll never see a complete outburst. There are time periods related to his success. If he follows and enhances the energy of Shani or prays to him, his growth will go to another level because Shani is really favouring him. A piece of advice – If he visits Shani temples on Saturdays and prays to Shani, it will really work well. 2019 is his 32nd year, and a year which will be ruled by Mercury. It has a lot to do with money, and his financial status will be excellent. He is going through a very good phase right now.

Vicky Kaushal


Born on 16/5/1988. His Birth number is 7 and his Destiny number – 2. Number 7 is ruled by Neptune and number 2 is ruled by the moon. These are not energies which are being helpful where his acting career is concerned, so everything he has achieved is because of his own hard work. He doesn’t have a helping hand. The moon works in phases where it goes from a high to a low phase. Only by listening to intuition, his inner voice and his hard work, he has reached where he is today. 2018 was his 30th year and it was a turning point for him because it was ruled by Jupiter, and it is the planet of growth, abundance, knowledge and creativity. So 2018 would’ve churned him and turned him as well, but his pure belief and self motivation earned him his current position. He works from the heart. Even if there are days where he feels low, he will kick himself and get back up there. In his 31st year, he’ll see a few changes, but it might not be as big as his 30th year. He might have a few struggles as the growth has happened already, it might come down a bit, but he’ll push himself.

Rajkummar Rao

Born on 31/8/1984. His Birth number is 4 and Destiny number 7. Number 4 is ruled by Rahu and number 7 is ruled by Ketu. It’s not been an easy way up for him too. Rahu brings obstacles and burdens in a person’s life. We may see the end product on the screen, but what is happening behind the screens is a lot. A lot of effort, a lot of energy and a lot of struggle there, but his victory is because of his graciousness, and because his destiny number 7 is such that it all comes out perfect in the end. He makes it look simple, but the kind of energy and effort that he has to invest is a lot, because of number 4. He’s pushed his way, he has a very strong intuition and is extremely talented, and that’s how he’s reached where he is today. 2018 was his 34th year, going on 35th. The 34th year was also ruled by number 7 which is his destiny planet. There has been a lot of recognition globally, but he has to take care of himself in his 35th year. And although he has five releases next year, he will need a break due to matters pertaining to his health.

Ranveer Singh

Born on 6/7/1985. Birth number- 6, Destiny number- 9.

Number 6- He has a natural charisma in him, a natural attachment to being a Bollywood star and an entertainer. One can never go wrong with number 6.

Number 9 is ruled by Mars, and is the planet of fire, passion, aggression with a non-caring attitude, and he is completely in character from morning to night. 2018, for him, his 33rd year, was number 6, ruled by Venus. 2019, in his 34th year, he will be focussed a lot on work, on travel and endorsements, and a lot more growth coming his way. The good thing about Ranveer is that, as much as he is into fun, and everyone might think he’s all fun and games, there’s a very strong bond that he has in him with a sense of family values, a certain sense of groundedness within him which we may not see on screen, but is present off-screen, which gives a lot of security to his lovers.

Alia Bhatt

Born on 15/3/1993. Birth number- 6 and Destiny number- 4.

Number 6 is all for entertainment, media and the arts. Number 4 has certain obstacles and difficulties. In this case, it’ll not be seen in her work, but it’ll be in her relationships. She’ll always have a hitch where relations are concerned, be it with her parents, siblings or a loved one. She will have to go through a lot of heartbreak to realise and know where she belongs. Her comfort matters a lot to her and she’s an extremely sensitive and emotional person. She’s driven by this big yo-yo which throws her off balance, so it is very important for her to realise that. Her 25th year was ruled by Ketu and her 26th will be ruled by Shani. She needs to take a little care of herself for the next two years. Although she has a lot of movies coming up, little irritations will keep coming her way. If she’s focused on her work, she might surpass the irritations.

Shraddha Kapoor

Born on 3/3/1987. Birth number 3 and Destiny number- 4.

Number 3 is ruled by Jupiter and it is the planet of growth, abundance, creativity and knowledge. For her, she will be getting into the role, studying it, understanding the character, and then be able to act out. She has inborn talent, but she puts that extra effort into anything that’s needed.

Number 4 brings a few difficulties, with a little recovery that comes her way, but as long as she’s seeing the end-path, she’ll make it happen for herself. 2018 was her 31st year. There will be a few unseen blocks for the next few months till she hits her 32nd year. But after that, everything is going to start opening out for her, and it’ll all start becoming clear. Till March, she needs to take a little more care of her health, of trusting anyone blindly, of doing work which she’s not thought over. If she’s cautious about that, she’ll be able to jump into a very big space. Her 33rd year could be for marriage, if not exactly marriage, maybe something to do with a relationship.

Deepika Padukone

Born on 5/1/1986. Her Birth number 5 is ruled by Mercury, which means she is analytical, focused, and has OCD as well. But more than just being a creative person, she’s got a lot of discipline towards hard work.

Destiny number 3 is ruled by Jupiter which is the planet of growth, abundance, and creativity, but she has to work very hard. It’s her 32nd year going onto 33rd. A lot of growth is happening for her right now. She’ll see completely new work-related growth. The next few years are very strong where her career is concerned.

Sara Ali Khan

Born on 12/8/1995. Her Birth number 3 is ruled by Jupiter. Slapstick comedies won’t do well for her. Meaningful movies will work great since she’s a very old soul, so getting that out into drama is very important. Her Destiny number 8 is ruled by Saturn (Shani). She’ll see a lot of growth, but only after going through a lot will she see the positive side of it. She’s entering her 24th year, and there’s a lot of growth right now. Her 24th year which will be ruled by Venus, clears the period of blockages and then, no more delays. She has a lot to look forward to.

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Salman Khan, Taapsee Pannu are following in the footsteps of these 4 actors – here’s how

Salman Khan and Taapsee Pannu will be seen playing older characters in their respective films, Bharat and Saand Ki Aankh

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bharat saadh ki aankh

Bollywood actors and their commitment towards their work is on a different level these days. It’s nothing new in Hollywood for actors to prepare and go through drastic physical changes to become the character they would be playing in order to be more relatable for their audience. Be it weight gain, weight loss, getting six pack abs or even adding more years to their look, actors have never held back.

In recent years, we have seen the same kind of dedication from Bollywood artists as well. While many could say there is a lot more vanity in our industry than in the West, there are bold actors who don’t adhere by these norms and are taking the big step of transforming completely into their onscreen characters. Earlier this week, posters of Salman Khan starrer Bharat and Taapsee Pannu and Bhumi Pednekar’s Saand Ki Aankh were released online. In their respective films, all the three actors will be seen playing much older characters and they have completely moulded themselves into their on-screen persona and look almost unrecognizable. Well, believe it or not, but in the past, quite a few actors did the same. Take a look…

Salman Khan in Bharat

Salman Khan’s Bharat is one of the most anticipated movies to release this year for all the obvious reasons. The poster of the movie is out and Salman looks almost unrecognizable. Sporting five different looks in the movie, the poster of Bharat shows Salman in a much older version, sporting a salt-n pepper look with heavy beard and moustache

Bhumi Pednekar & Taapsee Pannu in Saand Ki Aankh

In Saand Ki Aankh , Bhumi and Taapsee will be playing the role of the world’s oldest women sharpshooters. Bhumi will be seen as Chandro Tomar while Tapsee will be playing Prakashi Tomar. Staying true to their roles, both the actresses have visibly added years to their look with the help of make-up.

John Abraham in RAW

In the newly released spy thriller Romeo Akbar Walter, John is seen sporting 15 different avatars that too successfully with the help of prosthetics and specialist Preetisheel. Especially John’s look of a 70-year-old man is very convincing.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Sarbjit

In Omung Kumar’s directorial venture, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan played the role of Sarbjit’s sister. The films showcase the 22 years that Sarbjit spent in jail for alleged spying and terrorism. For the same, Aishwarya was happy to leave her vanity aside and played a much older character than her real-life age.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas in 7 Khoon Maaf

Priyanka Chopra has never shied away from taking up risky projects. So it’s not surprising that PeeCee did Vishal Bhardwaj’s Saat Khoon Maaf way back in 2011. In the film, her character ages from 20 to 65 and goes through several marriages at different points in her life. With the help of prosthetics, Priyanka played 7 completely different parts, one being that of a 65-year-old woman.

priyank 7 khoon maaf


Rishi Kapoor in Kapoor & Sons

When Rishi Kapoor played 90-year-old grandfather in Kapoor & Sons, he got some help from Oscar-winning American make-up artist Greg Cannom of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Titanic fame. The producer of the film had to shell out Rs 2 crore for the actor’s unbelievable transformation and the look took 5 hours of hard labour every day.
(Rishi Kapoor)

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Notre Dame: Befikre to Ilahi – Bollywood films and songs that were shot at the iconic monument in Paris

From Ilahi to Man Ko Ati Bhavey to Befikre, quite a few films and songs were shot at the Notre Dame in Paris

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man ko ati bhavey

April 15 will be remembered in the coming years as the day that one of the most iconic monuments in the world witnessed doom. The 850-year old Notre Dame Cathedral in France erupted in a fiery blaze, leaving the world in shock. An interesting fact about Notre Dame that you may not know of is that the monument is one of Bollywood’s most preferred shooting locations.

The song Ilahi from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, which had Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone in lead roles, was shot in front of the monument. The scene in which Ranbir gets chased by a drug dealer gives us quite a glance of the astounding cathedral.


Ranbir-Anushka-Aishwarya starrer Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (2016) also had scenes shot with the historical monument in the backdrop. In the song An Evening in Paris, you can see Ranbir and Anushka dancing on the street with the Notre Dame cathedral to the far left.


Notre Dame on far left

The song Man Ko Ati Bhavey from London Dreams started with the backdrop of the Louvre Museum, post which the scene shifts to the front of the Notre Dame. In one particular scene, we get a whole view of the cathedral while Salman Khan and Asin perform their antics.

man ko ati bhavey

London Paris New York also gave us a glimpse of the Notre Dame.

london paris new york

And who can forget the scene between Vani Kapoor and Ranveer Singh in Befikre that had a full view of the Notre Dame?
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Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Katrina Kaif cannot cast a vote, here’s why

While the election season has begun, we bring a list of popular actors who cannot cast their vote in India, check it out

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Voting is a right that every citizen needs to practice. The 2019 Lok Sabha elections have already begun and the festival of democracy is on. As always, Bollywood celebs have come forward and shown active participation in the political showdown this year. Considering that B-town stars are the biggest influencers, many of them have been roped in to become the face of various organisations.
While some are supporting, few are contesting and many are condemning, there is a brigade of celebs in the industry who cannot vote. Yes, there are many in the list and we bring to you a few of them and trust us, some of the names will indeed surprise you.

Deepika Padukone:

deepika padukone

The highest paid actress in Bollywood right now, Deepika was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. And she holds a Danish passport. Thus the diva is not eligible to vote.

Akshay Kumar:


Yes, you read that right! Khiladi Kumar is not an India citizen. Confused? Well, Akshay holds a Canadian passport which makes him a Canadian citizen. While he claims to have dual citizenship, our constitution prohibits full dual citizenship, thus making him not eligible to vote.

Alia Bhatt:

The Kalank actress is originally a British. Her mother Soni Razdan is from Britain which explains the connect. And therefore Alia is not eligible to vote.

Katrina Kaif:


This one is pretty obvious. Though Katrina is loved and followed in India and has blended herself with the Indian audience pretty well, she still holds a UK passport.

Jacqueline Fernandez

Jackie was born in Bahrain, her father is a Sri Lankan and her mother is of Malaysian decent thus making her not eligible to vote in India.
There are a few others as well including Imran Khan, Sunny Leone and Nora Fatehi. Well, the first phase of elections kicked off on April 11 and will go on in seven different phases till May 19. The result for the same will be out on May 23.

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