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2018 Movie Review: Riveting and Awe-Inspiring!

This film actually reflects the actual and asli Kerala Story and also succeeds in making you extremely emotional, writes Jyothi Venkatesh



Tovino Thomas in 2018

2018 (Hindi dubbed Malayalam )

Producer: Venu Kunnapilly

Director: Jude Anthony Joseph

Cast: Tovino Thomas, Tanvi Ram, Kalai Arasan, Asif Ali, Vineet Srinivasan, Aparna Balamurali, Kunchacko Boban and Lal

Platform of Release: Theatres


By Jyothi Venkatesh

This film is about how during a very crucial period in the history of Kerala, various people from all walks of life face catastrophic consequences during devastating floods in 2018. It sets out to showcase how the people of Kerala worked together to survive the calamity, forgetting adversities, sex, creed and religion.

To sum up, I’d only say that it is a technically sound, well-paced, thoughtfully crafted film, 2018, and a cinematic experience that not only Keralites but human beings residing all over the world deserve. After all, it’s their story. It is about how people craft their triumph from adversities of the worst order.

The long winding story starts in the far-flung village Aruvikkulam, where we meet a lot of people with their petty quarrels. Among them is a youngster who left the Army with a fake medical certificate, played by Tovino. We get to see their ordinary lives and later in sharp contrast, how it gets overturned because of the flood.

The absolute horror, the palpable pain and the helplessness one feels when water goes up to the roof of their house is depicted well and Jude Anthany Joseph succeeds in doing justice to the sufferings, desperation and pain of thousands.

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Almost each and every actor, whether it is Tovino, Asif Ali, Lal, Indrans, Sudheesh, Narein, Kunchacko Boban, Kalaiyarasan, Gauthami, or for that matter Tanvi Ram- each of them has done justice to their roles. Add to that the performance from an array of actors who play the minor roles of mothers, fathers, of victims and officials- there is nothing loud or even over the top about their performances.

The quality of the writing shows and Akhil P Dharmajan and Jude have both done more than what can be termed a commendable job. Cinematography by Akhil George needs special mention, besides of course Chaman Chacko’s first class editing and quality VFX, and of course Sound by Vishnu Govind and the movie, though it disturbs you a lot, is a damn good watch.

All said and done, I’d say that this film actually reflects the actual and asli Kerala Story and also succeeds in making you extremely emotional to the core, as an ardent viewer