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Anuradha Marathi Web Series review: Engaging thriller!

Tejaswini Pandit impressively slays it to the T with her multiple as well as disparate characters, writes Jyothi Venkatesh



Anuradha Marathi Web Series

ANURADHA (Marathi Web Series)

Producer- Diamond Entertainment Studio

Director- Sanjay Jadhav

Cast- Tejaswini Pandit, Snehlata Vasaikar, Sanjay Khapre, Sachit Patil, Vidyadhar Joshi, Sushant Shelar, Sonali Khare and Sukanya Kulkarni

Streaming on: Planet Marathi


By Jyothi Venkatesh

Rarely has Marathi content explored the dark side of a female character. Anuradha’s theme itself is intriguing. The bold plot revolves around an ordinary beautiful girl in her 20s who gets entangled in a case of serial brutal homicides as a prime suspect.

The story set in Mumbai revolves around the simple and innocent Anuradha (Tejaswini Pandit), the daughter of a senior politician, Ramakant (Vidyadhar Joshi). She comes across lawyer Shantanu (Sachit Patil) after the law firm he works with takes up a case involving her father, which he wins. Their friendship slowly transforms into love much to the frustration of the daughter of the founder of the law firm Nisha (Sonali Khare) as she also falls hopelessly in love with Shantanu after closely working with him.

We get to see Anuradha in a different avatar as she sets out to kill her boss, a gym trainer and also a club owner and is accused of serial murder after video evidence is found against her. Anuradha, however, pleads innocent and says that she has nothing to do with these killings.

The biggest let down of the series is the forced inclusion of not only an unusual love sub-plot between a female cop and her immediate junior, as well as the sad relationship saga of the judge who is presiding over the case when they have no relevance at all to the main plot!

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As far as the performances of the main cast go, Tejaswini impressively slays it to the T with her multiple as well as disparate characters as a shy and introverted girl-next-door Anuradha, the brash and ruthless killer Radha and the uninhibited club singer the vodka guzzling chain smoker Anne. Sachit Patil also succeeds in portraying the emotions of a young and ambitious lawyer who goes through a lot of turmoil. Sushant Shelar’s character lacks viciousness and is more of an entertainer in this web series

Sonali Khare fits the bill as a senior lawyer, though she does not have even a single impactful scene. Snehalata Vasaikar and Sanjay Khapre as cops Chanda Deshmane and Indrajeet who are in love with each other leave an impression though they have memorable but brief appearances. Vidyadhar Joshi is excellent in his brief role as the politician cum father of Anuradha, while Sukanya Kulkarni is good as the judge, as usual.

To sum up, the thriller series ends up as yet another of the vendetta series by a kin of the rape victim who is on a spree to kill the rapists one by one but keeps you riveted with its engaging manner of tackling by director Sanjay Jadhav who has made his digital debut and is a one-time watch