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Boonie Bears: Guardian Code Review: A lovely watch!

This edition is the ninth of the eponymous Chinese animated film series in India.



Boonie Bears: Guardian Code

Boonie Bears: Guardian Code

Directors- Yongchang Lin & Heqi Shao

Cast (Voices): Patrick Freeman, Joseph S Lambert, Paul Rhinehart, Kally Khourshid, Chris Boike, Olivia Seaton-Hill

Platform of Release- Theatres


By Jyothi Venkatesh

This edition is the ninth of the eponymous Chinese animated film series in India. It is the first-ever ‘Boonie Bears’ film to be released in India from the universally loved global animation franchise and the 11th overall.

In this, Briar (Patrick Freeman) holds it against his mother for abandoning him and his brother, Bramble (Joseph S Lambert), during a forest fire, though the latter is hopeful that she will return for them soon.

This one Code is about an android-based mom of two baby bears, whose corrupted memory when rectified shows her up as a deeply loving mother to her two bear-kids

Their logger friend, Vick (Paul ‘Maxx’ Rinehart), takes them to a robot research institute, where they come across a young scientist, Charlotte (Olivia Seaton-Hill), who is in possession of a necklace that belonged to their mother and can possibly give them clues about her whereabouts.

Then follows the duo’s tryst with the evil scientists, robotic monsters, and Android mom, and ultimately the truth is unraveled about what exactly happened on the fateful night of the fire. The animation though is well rounded, distinctively Chinese looking and eye-pleasing.

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The film lacks a taut screenplay and novel premise, but it more than makes up for it with its charm and kid-friendly content, as I could easily fathom when the kids in the auditorium were having a blast. The dominant theme here is appropriate for ‘Mother’s Day’ celebrations for those who think going for a movie is befitting the occasion.

Briar and Bramble pretend to be robots and encounter the menacing Scrap Rebel gang, with a maniacal Leonard (Chris Boike) as their leader. The narrative then shifts to delicate and emotional moments as the two brothers escape to an island with a warrior bear, Urusa (Kally Khourshid), who reminds them of their mother.

To sum up, I’d say that it is a great film, probably one of the best in the animated series so far. Though the overall writing is not too good, it’s a children’s film, and we’re not expecting The Shawshank Redemption. The characters and story have a unique charm that children will enjoy and parents will remember.

The film is really enjoyable if only one can overlook the storytelling faults and just concentrate only on the eye-thrilling as well as interesting character dynamics. It is one of the best films in the Boonie Bears franchise and is a lovely watch I would recommend.

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