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Boyz 3 Review: Laugh riot!

On the whole, to sum up, the film Boyz3 is a laugh riot and succeeds in driving away your blues in a big way. Don’t miss it!



Boyz 3

BOYZ3 (Marathi)

Producers: Lalsaheb Shinde, Rajendra Shinde and Sanjay Chhabria

Director: Vishal Devrukhkar

Cast: Vidula Chowgule, Parth Bhalerao, Pratik Lad, Sameer Dharmadhikari, Girish Kulkarni, Sumanth Shinde and Vidydhar Joshi

Platform of Release: Theatrical


By Jyothi Venkatesh

Vishal Sakharam Devrukhkar’s Boyz (2017) and Boyz 2 (2018) showed the coming-of-age journey of three mischievous boys, played by Parth Bhalerao, Pratik Lad and Sumant Shinde. While the first film featured them in school, they played junior college students in the sequel Boyz 2, the 2018 film. The third film in the franchise, Boyz 3 (2022), also takes their story forward. But this time, there is a twist in the form of a female character, played by Vidula Chougule, who was earlier seen in a TV serial Jeev Zala Yeda Pisa on Colors TV.

The story commences when the three friends-Kabir (Sumanth Shinde), Dhairya (Pratik Lad) and Dhungya (Parth Bhalerao) set out for a road trip to coastal Karnataka, in search of the father (Sameer Dharmadhikari) of one of the trios. While on their way, they come across a young woman called Keerti (Vidula Chougule) on the run, who had actually run away from her own marriage ceremony. She offers to sponsor their trip if they only allow her to join in. They happily agree. The four youngsters then go through a series of planned and unplanned incidents.

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As far as performances go, I can say that Sumant Shinde is good as Kabir. Parth Bhalerao too does well as Dhungya. Pratik Lad is fair as Dhairya. Vidula Chougule (as Kirti) does a very exemplary and confident job in her debut role. Onkar Bhojane is alright as Naru Bhondwe. Girish Kulkarni lends nice support as Madan Bhondwe. Sameer Chougule (as Sunder), Snehal Shidam (as Kirti’s cousin, Lata), Sharvari Jamenis (as Kabir’s maternal aunt), Sameer Dharmadhikari (as Kabir’s father) and Vidyadhar Joshi (as Kirti’s uncle) lend routine support. Though his story is wafer thin and is just about a one-line story, what is interesting to note is that fact that Hrishikesh Koli’s dialogues are replete with double-entendres which end up evoking a lot of laughter, making the film a laugh riot.

Vishal Devrukhkar’s direction is good and to a large extent, he does succeed in keeping the audience entertained all through the drama. Avadhoot Gupte’s music is appealing and is catchy and melodious and so are the lyrics (by Avdhoot Gupte, Sameer Samant and Jitendra Joshi). Aditya Bedekar’s background music is effective. Yogesh M. Koli’s cinematography is very good. Action and stunt scenes (by Pradyumna Kumar Swain and Chethan D’Souza) are functional. Nitin Borkar’s sets are alright. Editing (by Guru Patil and Mahesh Kilekar) is sharp. On the whole, to sum up, the film Boyz3 is a laugh riot and succeeds in driving away your blues in a big way. Don’t miss it!

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