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Gully Boy movie review: Ranveer Singh – Alia Bhatt’s film is mindblowing, reveals audience at the Berlin Fim Festival

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Ranveer Singh – Alia Bhatt’s Gully Boy is one of the most anticipated films of 2019. And before it releases across the world on Valentine’s Day (February 14), the movie had its world premiere at the prestigious Berlin Film Festival. Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt, Zoya Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani flew to Berlin for the screening too. And boy oh boy did they get some fantastic reviews. Social media is filled with praises for Gully Boy. The movie has not only been applauded by several, but it has been tagged as a mindblowing experience. Gully Boy has stood out amongst 400 folms, truly a proud moment.

The audience who watched Gully Boy at the Berlin Film Festival is raving about the movie. A person mentioned how it is Ranveer Singh’s best performance till date. Another one praised Zoya Akhtar’s realistic portrayal, some calling her the best director at the moment too. Alia Bhatt’s performance was tagged terrific, while others mentioned how they goosebumps during the movie. The rap battles have been praised. Most of the movie goers have given it 4 stars. Clearly, everyone has loved the movie. Check out what each and every one had to say about Gully Boy right here.

Directed by Zoya Akhtar and produced by Tiger Baby Productions and Excel Entertainment, Gully Boy also stars Kalki Koechlin. It is about a street rapper’s rise to fame and how he deals with his relationship and his family’s disapproval of his choice of profession. How excited are you about this one? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below! Also stay tuned to Cine Blitz as we get you all the updates about Gully Boy right here.

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Game of Thrones season 8 ep 2: Ser Jaime – Bran Stark’s reunion gave us goosebumps

The second episode of GOT season 8 was full of thrilling moments that we were waiting for and here are all the major highlights

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Game of thrones feature 1

This morning (April 22), the second episode of the epic fantasy series Game of Thrones season 8 was aired and it was everything that we all were waiting for. The big war is at the doorsteps and Winterfell witnessed quite a few closures. In fact, this episode of GOT was like a kiss before the war that you look at and adore but you know that winter is here and things are only going to get darker from hereon. SPOILERS AHEAD, stop here if you haven’t seen the episode yet and if you don’t mind them, be our guest.
Here are the best moments from the episode 2 of Game of Thrones season 8.

 Jaime in the court

Game of Thrones 8 stills

Jaime stands in the court

Well, this shouldn’t come as a spoiler as the teaser video of the episode showed the same. The episode starts with Jaime standing in front of the whole court while all the lords and kings sit together to decide his fate. Why would Daenerys Targaryen believe a man who killed her father? And so she questions him. Jaime tries to defend his actions and makes it quite clear that he wants to fight for the living. What won our hearts though was Bran’s quote. When Jaime defended why he killed The Mad King and betrayed Ned Stark, Bran said, “Things we do for Love,” GOOSEBUMPS. Brienne comes forward and vouches for Jamie which obviously got us all nostalgic.

Jaime finally meets Bran

Game of Thrones 8 stills

Jaime meets Bran

Frankly speaking, Bran freaked us out in the second episode. He had not much to say in the first episode but this time he had few spine-chilling moments. After Jaime is allowed to fight for the living, he meets Bran in the woods where he tries to apologise for his wrongdoings. Well, our boy Bran forgives him. The Three-eyed-raven narrates how this all wouldn’t have happened if not that day. And when he says, “I am someone else”, it’s like a solid punch right in your face.

Sansa and Dany’s conversation

Game of Thrones 8 stills

Sansa and Dany conversation

The tension between the two most powerful ladies in Westeros has been evident. In today’s episode, the Mother of Dragons took the first step towards friendship and they finally spoke their hearts out. But Sansa said the North won’t bend its knee and Dany didn’t look happy. Before she could say anything else, Theon makes a dramatic entry.

 Strategy for the War

Game of Thrones 8 stills

Strategy for the Great War

We saw the strategy taking place and how the North with all its allies is preparing for the war. Bran cleared the air and told everyone that he can be used to lure the Night King as he is coming for him. So let’s see in the coming episodes how they use Bran.

Arya and Gendry’s romance

Game of Thrones 8 stills

Arya kisses Gendry

The romantic tension between these two was on its peak and the makers chose not to stretch it any further which was just perfect. Hold your breath, Gendry and Arya are seen making out in the episode and now we are excited to see where this relationship goes.

Brienne gets the Knighthood

Game of Thrones 8 stills

Brienne becomes a knight

Brienne, Jaime, Tyrion, Ser Davos, and Tormund gather in one room to sip away some wine and chit chat before the big war. Tyrion talks about life coming to a full circle as it all started in the Winterfell and will also end in Winterfell. But the highlight was when Jaime out of his love and respect declares Brienne a Knight of the seven kingdoms.

Game of Thrones 8 stills

Theon comes to winterfell

The second episode was full of thrills, love, and closures. There were moments when Sansa hugged Theon, Arya kissed Gendry and Brienne rose as the Knight. Also, Dany knows that Jon Snow is Aegon Targaryen and we are curious what will be her next step. And hold your breath as we announce that the third episode will begin the Great War as the Night King has reached the doorsteps of Winterfell and we obviously can’t keep calm.


Game of Thrones 8 stills

Night King arrives to winterfell

For more updates and gossip about Bollywood and Game of Thrones, stay tuned to CineBlitz.

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The Trip, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown – 5 travel shows that every globetrotter needs to watch

Abhishek Srivastava picks up five cutting edge travel shows that are par excellence, and if you have no plans to travel this summer, they might just make you change your mind.

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Travel shows are always a great distraction from the umpteen fiction shows and documentaries that are being churned out day-in-and-day-out on various OTT platforms. Such shows, besides being informative and making one aware of the culture and politics of a place, also helps one pick his/her next travel destination. While the destination cannot completely be experienced through visual images, they surely succeed in creating a desire to visit the place.

It’s surprising to know that when it comes to the best travel shows, it’s always the Beeb (aka BBC) that leads the pack. Abhishek Srivastava picks up five such cutting edge travel shows that are par excellence, and if you have no plans to move out this summer, they might just make you change your mind.

The Trip


Rob Brydon (L) and Steve Coogan (R) in a still from The Trip

Steve Coogan might be known to the world as Alan Partridge, but The Trip also showed an entirely different facet of the English actor. It also showed the funny man as a connoisseur and as a great impersonator. Helmed under the able direction of Michael Winterbottom, it took Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon — another known British actor, through a scenic gastronomic tour of Northern England, Italy Spain and Greece.

Both the actors took trips of restaurants (Michelin star included) dotted across the four countries, which were later condensed in the form of a travel show. The journey could only be described as a fun-filled one with laughter galore.

In the garb of situational comedy, it was also an excellent travel show to hit British television, which later on paved the way for a full length feature film. If you are a food connoisseur and want to see parts of Europe not entirely mentioned in the Lonely Planet, The Trip remains your best bet.

The seal of approval for the show came from Richard Curtis, the man involved in the making of some cult British films when he described the series as one of the greatest television programmes of all time.

Mediterranean with Simon Reeve


A still from Mediterranean with Simon Reeve

Simon Reeve undoubtedly remains BBC’s best travel anchors of the modern era. His honest take on issues and not shying away from controversies, make him a popular choice. Though the man has virtually travelled the world from Burma to Russia, the Tropic of Cancer to the Tropic of Capricorn, his most recent journey was around countries that bordered the Mediterranean Sea.

The picture perfect photography plus imparting a thorough awareness about the region makes Mediterranean with Simon Reeve a riveting watch. Apart from witnessing the dirty wealth of Monaco, the BBC presenter also explored the divide between North and South Cyprus, and a family of three sisters in Sicily who will never allow the mafia to take away their property.

Dangerous Border – A Journey Across India & Pakistan


Babita Sharma (Above) and Adnan Sarwar (Below) from Dangerous Border: A Journey Across India & Pakistan

This was possibly the most riveting travel show that was aired on BBC on the completion of the 70th anniversary of the India-Pakistan partition. BBC presenters Adnan Sarwar and Babita Sharma stationed themselves on either side of the Radcliffe Line and traversed a journey to trace their ancestors.

While Babita started her journey from the Kutch region of Gujarat, Adnan did the same, but from the other side of the border, with only few kilometers separating them. The cross-cultural milieu and the socio-political commentary on the two countries made for great binge viewing.

From a group of female bike-riders in Gujarat to the cultural life of the Karachi metropolis, to a visit of a solar plant as a result of China’s $35 billion investment in Pakistan, to the Karakoram highway that links Pakistan to China – every frame of the series made for stunning visuals and was a trove of knowledge. The journey of the 2000-mile border in the end is a revelation.

Michael Palin in North Korea


A still from Michael Palin in North Korea

Since the time Kim Jong-un assumed power in North Korea, the interest in the Hermit Kingdom has only grown manifold. The intrigue and the mystery element that shrouds the country has spawned numerous travel shows — some shot through hidden cameras and some, amidst authorized guides in the garb of spies, but none could match Michael Palin’s style of presentation.

Once an active member of Monty Python, the comedy group, and with cult films like Brazil and A Fish Called Wanda under his belt, Michael did everything in front of the camera that could have easily irked the nation’s authority. But what comes in the end is a deep understanding of the country and its functioning.

Beginning with the train he boards at Beijing railway station to enter North Korea, and his eventual trip to the 38th parallel, the entire journey is documented with small nuggets which helps one in deciphering the most isolated country of the world.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown


Barack Obama (L) and Anthony Bourdain (R) in a still from Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Travel channel’s loss was CNN’s gain when Anthony Bourdain decided to uproot his show and take it to CNN. And what a coup this turned out for CNN. Anthony Bourdain took viewers to undiscovered places and acquainted them with the cuisine, culture and politics of those places. The show took us to places as diverse as Myanmar, Colombia, Congo, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Turkey and our very own Punjab.

The half-a-score Emmy Awards the show managed to lay its hands upon, out of a total of 31 nominations, speaks volumes about the way it was accepted by audiences. Bourdain met his untimely death while he was working for the show, which was centered in the Strasbourg region of France.

The show reached a crescendo in terms of its popularity when it featured Barack Obama sipping a bottle of local beer at a nondescript Vietnamese restaurant. For those who can’t wait, and lack patience, jump straight to Season Eight, Episode Two of the show.

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Selection Day review: Netflix’s unconventional cricket drama is a must watch!

Selection Day, the Indian Netflix Original cricket drama avoids the sports film clichés and keeps you engaged in its uncertain turn of events. Here’s a review of part 1 and part 2 of this 12-episode series.

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Indians are obsessed with cricket. Generally, the kids are the ones who struggle to convince their parents to allow them to pursue cricket as a career. But in Selection Day, it is the father who is obsessed with making his two sons the best batsmen in the world – so much so that he calls them as Champion No. 1 and Champion No. 2 instead of their real names. Based on Aravind Adiga’s novel of the same name, Selection Day is an unconventional cricket drama. It avoids the clichés of a sports drama and focuses more on the inner and interpersonal conflict of characters.

The trio of father and sons come to Mumbai to get picked up by a school that has a cricket team so that they can apply for the Mumbai cricket team selection. Their rejections bring them to Weinberg Academy which is also struggling for funds and a win in the Harris Shield, a local cricket tournament in Mumbai. The cricket coach of the academy, who had given up coaching, spots the talent of the two boys at Shivaji Park during a stroll with his wife and gets them enrolled at Weinberg.

The journey of the trio begins and many layers and secrets of their relationship begin to unfold. Manjunath (Champion No. 2) doesn’t like cricket yet he’s playing it courtesy the tyranny of his father. Manju wants to become a scientist. Radha (Champion No. 1) is claimed by his father to become a better player than Sachin Tendulkar.

Watch the Selection Day trailer here:

Mohammad Samad (Tumbbad) and Yash Dholye as the two brothers (Manjunath and Radhakrishna) give a sincere performance. Karanvir Malhotra as the troublesome rich brat Javed Ansari has done justice to his layered character. Rajesh Tailang whom you must have adored as a cop in Delhi Crime plays the tyrant, manipulative and unlikeable father here. He’s too good as the bad guy. The effortless Ratna Pathak Shah as the Weinberg Academy’s head Nellie is a treat to watch. After a long time, Mahesh Manjrekar is seen in a refreshing role of the cricket coach Tommy Sir.

Netflix and other OTT platforms have given the Indian filmmakers and content creators the much-needed space and opportunity to tell authentic stories. Here (like Sacred Games), Maharashtrians speak nuanced Marathi, unlike in a mainstream Hindi film that would ridiculously mix languages for a wider audience to understand. Personally, I would rather read subtitles than listen to shabbily mixed languages in dialogues. The digital world has enabled storytellers to tell multilingual stories without compromising on the vision.

I haven’t read the novel by Aravind Adiga but the series is smartly written by Marston Bloom (Hindi dialogue by Sumit Arora) and finely executed by directors Udayan Prasad and Karan Boolani. Soumik Mukherjee has filmed Mumbai and maidan cricket with a fresh vision. Shashwat Sachdev’s (Uri: The Surgical Strike, Veere Di Wedding) music too avoids the sports drama clichés and the signature tune keeps playing in the head.

It seems like Selection Day was shot completely in one go and then divided into 12 episodes across two seasons. One might argue whether it could have been made into a feature-length film but a show is better. Feature films in India are limiting. And if the end of part 2 is any indication, I would be looking forward to Selection Day part 3.

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