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La Vaaste Review: Topical but needs slick editing!

La Vaaste stars Omkar Kapoor in the lead role.



La Vaaste


Producer: Aditya Verma

Director:  Sudeesh Kanojia

Cast: Om Kapoor, Manoj Joshi, Brijendra Kala, Shubangi Latkar

Platform of Release: Theatrical


By Jyothi Venkatesh

The plot of La Vaste revolves around an ordinary day in the life of a mundane village lad Omkar Kapoor, who comes to a city to end up as a busy working man. His immediate crisis will lead you down a path filled with feelings and emotions. The film’s title, “La Vaste,” is intriguing and raises a lot of interest in the story. It is about a man who has done B.Tech, but gets the job of lifting unclaimed dead bodies as he is sacked from an insurance company.

It is a heart rending story which sets out to drive home the subtle message through the story that children ought to take care of their parents when they become old and not leave them as poor orphans when they die. There is a subplot woven with the main story where the owner Jallad Singh (Manoj Joshi) of a service called Lashon Ke Vaaste to tow away dead bodies left unattended in public places to hospitals or mortuaries is sad when his own son refuses to come down to meet him even after three years because he is busy making money outside town.

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Performance-wise, Omkar Kapoor leaves an indelible impression on the viewers with his realistic performance of the poor boy who seeks livelihood away from his small town, leaving his old parents and two sisters back in the village. It is Manoj Joshi who describes applause for striking the right balance between his character as Jallad Singh and rendering a good performance. As usual, Brijendra Kala infuses some comic spirited scenes in the film as Kaluchacha of the protagonist while Shubangi Latkar is brilliant as the landlady who offers the protagonist in her flat as a paying guest

The director Sudeesh Kanojia is good but errs a lot as a director with his long winding scenes which often do not contribute anything tangible or substantial to the plot though he does succeed in raking up a good issue for the society and will serve as an eye opener to several youngsters who discard their old parents to their fate.

To sum up, La Vaaste is a timely and topical film which advocates that the youngsters ought to value the relationship that they have with their old parents but one has doubts whether the film stand the test at the box office.