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Lafzon Mein Pyaar Review: Anita Raj and Zarina Wahab starrer film is a predictable and clichéd tale

‘Lafzon Mein Pyaar’ offers nothing new or refreshing, writes senior journalist Jyothi Venkatesh.



Lafzon Mein Pyaar


Producer- Ashok Sawhny

Directors- Dhiraj Mishra and Raja Randeep Giri

Cast- Zarina Wahab, Vivek Anand Mishra, Anita Raj, Lalit Parimoo and Sarwar Mir

Platform of Release- Theatres


By Jyothi Venkatesh

Young lad Raj (Vivek Anand Mishra) leaves his studies halfway, which disappoints his family except his supportive sister-in-law, Geeta Bhabhi, who encourages him to explore new paths through music. At this juncture, Priya (Kanchan Rajput) enters Raj’s life, bringing a new excitement to his calm existence, and he becomes a famous poet. Raj loves Priya, but his family wants him to marry Shivani and once again, Raj’s life stands at a crossroads.

Set in the picturesque town of Bhaderwah in Jammu and Kashmir, ‘Lafzon Mein Pyaar’ sets the stage for a conventional love story of Raj (Vivek Anand Mishra), who stumbles upon Priya (Kanchan Rajput) during a music class. Priya is instantly smitten with Raj while he takes time to realise his feelings for her. The narrative unravels with unwanted dream sequences and musical parodies, portraying their unspoken emotions and silent unconfessed love for each other.

The predictable film relies on far too clichéd characters and irritating subplots to support its wafer-thin plot. The story lacks depth, and it is sad that there is not even one single significant twist or surprise to engage the viewers. Unnecessarily, we are shown that Raj has had a failed love affair before he meets Priya and then subjected to a turning point in their lives when Raj is forced to face a challenging dilemma when in this modern age, his parents insist on him marrying Shivani (Vaani Dogra), a girl of their choice.

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As far as performances go, I should say that Vivek Anand Mishra is extremely sensitive as well as good when he shines in his portrayal of Raj, particularly during the scenes where he showcases his musical prowess on the guitar. However, unfortunately, the chemistry between Raj and Priya falls flat on-screen, hampering the believability of their love story.

Kanchan Rajput also lacks the emotional range needed to bring her character to life fully. Though Anita Raj as Raj’s bhabhi portrays her character well; there is absolutely no back story about what happens to her husband. While veteran actors Lalit Parimoo and Zarina Wahab, as Raj’s parents, endeavour to salvage the film, their characters’ limited scope prevents them from leaving a lasting impact.

To sum up, on the whole, though music by Atif Ali and Vicky Ani is brilliant, there are far too many songs since they have been penned by producer Sahil himself and I would say that in a runtime of 131 minutes, ‘Lafzon Mein Pyaar’ offers nothing new or refreshing by way of a storyline which does not have fresh twists and turns makes it very difficult for the viewers to stay engaged.