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Pidikittappulli review: Zany Laugh Riot!

Pidikittappulli is a zany laugh riot though a brain dead comic thriller, which very few filmmakers are making in Malayalam Cinema





Producer: Gokulam Gopalan

Director: Jishnu Sreekandan

Cast: Sunny Wayne, Ahaana Krishna, Anup, Saiju Kurup, Major Ravi, Lalu Alex, Baiju and Bheeman Raghu

Streaming on: Jio Cinema


By Jyothi Venkatesh

It is frankly after a long time that I have been able to watch a Malayalam film like Pidikittapulli which manages to drive away your blues in a jiffy as it is a twisty crime comedy with the story shifting between three parallel tracks. While on one side, Shambu (Sunny Wayne) decides to elope with his love Aswathy (Ahaana), on the other side, there are Shivan (Anoop) and Disney (Saiju Kurup) who plan to kidnap the rich industrialist Aswathy’s father Ramachandran Kurup (Major Ravi).

Simultaneously, on the third side, a driver named Sudhakaran walks in to take revenge against Kurup, after having languished in jai; for a crime which he had not committed at all but Kurup had and conveniently failed to keep up his commitment of looking after his wife and son during the time when Sudhakaran was languishing in the jail. It is interesting that all are unaware that they are all in the same place at the same time. Soon, a succession of confusions begins to occur and what happens next is a series of quirky comedy of errors!

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Malayalam cinema has a great record in mixing crime drama with comedy and presenting as a goofball entertainer. Pidikittapulli, which has been in the making for quite some time, falls in that genre. If you are love watching thriller movies with a dash of comedy, which deal with comedy of errors as well as mistaken identities, then don’t miss Pidikittapulli streaming in Jio Cinema from Friday .

As far as performances are concerned, I’d say that Sunny Wayne steals the show as the young junior happy go lucky architect who is passionately in  love with his boss in the film though there is not much of a demand from him to show histrionics in any scene. Ahaana is good in emoting and has a fairly good chance of displaying her latent prowess as a talented performer. Anoop renders a notable performance in the film as a kidnapper Shivan. Lalu Alex is good as usual while Jude Anthany Joseph and Praveena impress you in small roles.

Watch the trailer here:

Debutant Anjoy Samuel is the cinematographer deserves credit for cranking the canera imaginatively for the debut making director Jishnu Sreekandan, who seems to have been inspired by a lot of comedies that Priyadarshan had made in the 80’s and 90’s.Bipin Paul Samuel is good as far as handling the editing of the film is concerned, while PS Jayahari who has composed the music ought to be appreciated though music does not have a place in the scene of things as far as the film is concerned.

To sum up, I’d say that the film Pidikittappulli is a zany laugh riot though a brain dead comic thriller, which very few filmmakers are making in Malayalam Cinema these days with several opting for the serious path

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