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Rocket Gang Review: Predictably hackneyed!

It is not at all a great film to watch as far as adults are concerned but just a mediocre film, which will be loved by the kids in the audience, writes Jyothi Venkatesh



A still Rocket Gang


Director: Bosco Lesli Martis

Cast: Aditya Seal, Nikita Dutt, Jason Tham, Tejas Varma, Aadvik Mongia, Jayshree Gogoi, Dipali Borkar, Siddhanth

Genre: Spooky


By Jyothi Venkatesh

There are five different interesting characters in the film. There are five friends— Amarbir (Aditya Seal), Tania (Nikita Dutta), Sahib (Sahaj Singh), Pia (Mokshda Jailkhani), and Binoy aka Bunnu (Jason Tham), who decide to take a vacation after being offered a free stay at the ‘Wonder Villa’. However, even as they arrive, strange and spooky things begin to make their lives extremely miserable.

The film has Sahib, who works in an IT company , yoga instructor Tania, whose family is pressuring her to marry, hairdresser Pia, who is excellent at her job, salesman Bunnu, who is dissatisfied with his boss, and Amarbir, who works in his father’s super mall but aspires to be an actor.

A free stay offer at the “Wonder Villa” draws these five friends in, but their lives take a dramatic turn when they meet the other five, who are actually the owners as well as the caretakers of the property—Je Je (Tejas Varma), Montu (Aadvik Mongia), Saher (Jayshree Gogoi), Kiara (Dipali Borkar), and Ganesh (Siddhant).

The first part is interesting in the sense you get a déjà vu when you are introduced to the different characters with a voice over by Ranbir Kapoor but after the interval, the film takes an emotional turn and starts focusing on the dance competition, giving the impression that we are watching the reality show “Dance India Dance” on a larger screen.

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As far as performances go, I should say that Aditya Seal looks charming and lends an earnest as well as credible performance. Nikita Dutta, who played Abhishek Bachchan’s wife in ‘The Big Bull,’ fits right in, even though the two fail to emit romantic streaks. Jason Tham, Mokshda Jailkhani, and Sahaj Singh who are all choreographers and dancers-turned-actors do well though they are making their debut with the film.

After their success on reality dance shows like Super Dance, Dance Deewane), all of the child artists—Jayshree Gogoi, Dipali Borkar, Siddhant Vidhikant, Aadvik Mongia, and Tejas Verma perform admirably and confidently in their big screen debut. Their dance moves do dazzle, and their confidence is to be admired.

To sum up, I would only say that it is not at all a great film to watch as far as adults are concerned but just a mediocre film, which will be loved by the kids in the audience. The story of the film is predictable, hackneyed and clichéd besides being very wafer thin and the inconsistent pace is yet another deterrent for the viewers. Amarbir says to his friends, “Yaha par kuch bhi logic se ho raha hai kya?” and I also endorse his views. Amen!