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Secrets of Love Review: Spiritually Profound!

The film Secrets of Love deals with the story of the most controversial man Osho Rajneesh, a charismatic and gifted speaker



Secrets of Love


Producer: Velji Gala

Director: Ritesh S Kumar

Cast: Ravi Kishan, Vivek Mishra, Ankita Dave, child actor Jayesh Kapoor and Siddhanth Pandey

Platform of Release: MX Player


By Jyothi Venkatesh

The film deals with the story of the most controversial man Osho Rajneesh, a charismatic and gifted speaker who became the leader of a worldwide new spiritual political revolutionary movement who had never compromised in his life since childhood for anything.  The film is based on the life of India’s most controversial spiritual guru Acharya Rajneesh (Osho).

What set him apart from the others of his ilk in his journey was that he had the courage to openly speak on burning taboo issues that people were not able to talk about. He has given the world a completely new perspective about sex and love.  Osho’s major talks and preaching include sexuality as he advocated an open, free and straight attitude towards sex. Osho was criticized by the Indian media and he had even earned a sobriquet as ‘sex guru’. Osho was criticized by the Indian press and had earned a sobriquet as ‘sex as harshly criticized by Indian religious leaders and the press for “making empty rituals and fake promises”, he started getting a loyal fan following which included wealthy merchants and businessmen from around the globe.

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The spiritually profound film starts with the arrest of Acharya Rajneesh aka Osho in the United States of America. As they cannot find any evidence against him, he is deported on immigration grounds. While in jail he reminisces about his life which forms the main narration of the film. The film covers the journey of child Chandra Mohan Jain till his death. Right from childhood he has mystical powers, and he spends a lot of time with sadhus and in graveyards. He grows up with his grandparents who love him to no end. Since he is a curious child, he has a lot of questions about life and his inquisitiveness disturbs authorities. But when he grows up, he returns to the same institution as a professor. Those were the days where even talking to the opposite sex was difficult, but he allowed boys and girls to mingle to the other professors’ consternation. Ultimately when he becomes a spiritual guru, he teaches people to always side with the truth, however harsh it may be.

Originally intended as a film, ‘Secrets of Love’ is now streaming on MX Players as a six-part series with 20–25-minute episodes. That is what works against it, because when it comes to the series, one expects an in-depth representation of the facts, but the spiritually profound though half-baked show only scratches the surface. Ravi Kishan inhabits Osho’s role with effortless ease. Ankita Dave is good. Right from his sitting posture to his attire, he is flawless. Jayesh Kapoor plays his part well as the inquisitive young Rajneesh. Vivek Mishra is convincing as teenager Osho.