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Shreyas Talpade vs Vijay Raaz unravel shock-value raaz in slick karmic boomerang Kartam Bhugtam!       

Directed by Soham P. Shah, Kartam Bhugtam is released at theatres on May 17.



Kartam Bhugtam


Producer: Gandhar Films & Studio Pvt Ltd Production

Director: Soham P. Shah

Cast: Shreyas Talpade, Madhoo, Vijay Raaz, Aksha Pardasany

Released at theatres


By Chaitanya Padukone

In the recent past revenge-drama-thriller movies that excel in unexpected shock-value twists and turns (like ‘Drishyam-2 and Animal) have struck gold at the Box Office.

After a supernatural horror Kaal (2005) and an action thriller Luck (2009), producer-director-actor Soham P. Shah’s latest Kartam Bhugtam stars Vijay Raaz and Shreyas Talpade in lead roles dives deep into the orbit of the karmic boomerang which declares what goes around always comes around! Shreyas plays Dev Joshi, an Auckland-based NRI who visits India to recover his ‘late’ father’s investments and take over his unclaimed assets. Assisting him in this tedious task is his exuberant buddy-confidante Gaurav (Gaurav Daagar).

Thanks to buddy Gaurav, (the otherwise skeptical about occult sciences) Dev Joshi meets a bizarre clairvoyant Tantrik Anna (Vijay Raaz) a religious astrologer whose predictions end up being meticulously true.  Anna’s prediction that Gaurav will fly overseas comes true. Meanwhile, Dev faces a distressful time as his short India trip extends beyond 45 days due to various red-tape hiccups. As a last resort Dev visits Anna who offers occult (quirky) remedies that could rescue him from his crisis.

Until the interval-point Kartam Bhugtam is a normal yet compelling tale- narration of how astro-religious-numero-remedies can alter-control destined events. Like opting for certain combination numbers in a bank account or mascot colours of a Shirt or fasting and worshipping a particular God on certain days   Just before the interval point comes the revelation for Dev’s romantic partner Jia played by Aksha Kardasany who gets a scary shock to finally meet her missing husband who has been inaccessible. Thereafter comes the full-blown revenge drama whereby gullible Dev who has these bouts of drug-induced hallucinations (schizophrenia?) and his wife seek brutal revenge on the gang that tried to hoodwink him and usurp his father’s wealth.

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In this intriguing psycho-crime-thriller Kartam Bhugtam’s web of sinister deception, Soham P. Shah proves yet again that he is a brilliant director who has also written the story-screenplay-dialogues and that he is in full command of his classy film-craft. Comic star actor Shreyas Talpade returns to the Hindi screen, this time as the ‘avenging-angry-young-man and Vijay Raaz whose ominously shady raaz hides behind a holier-than-thou mask, have both excelled in their award-worthy performances.


Kartam Bhugtam director Soham P. Shah (right) with Sr. journalist Chaitanya Padukone

The svelte rejuvenated ‘’Roja’ girl Madhoo who is the docile housewife, has her show-stopper moments when she displays her amazing range of histrionics in a contrast screen avatar mainly in the post-interval portions of the movie. Charming Aksha Pardasany who is more popular in Southside regional movies makes her impactful presence as an actress without having to resorting to dare-bare gimmicks. The background music (Amar Mohile) is very resonating and goes with the movie flow, while background songs (Shabbir Ahmed) especially the Mika Singh-Mellow D foot-tapping rhythmic rap-song lyrical fusion track contribute towards recall-value-addition to the taut suspense-thriller. While Santosh T’s cinematography in foreign location sequences is high-class, the editing (Biren J Mohanty) could have been a bit sharper in maintaining the fast-paced tempo, in the second half.

Despite its freak-flaws and lapses in the script, the movie ‘Kartam Bhugtam is a ‘dekhne ki cheez hai’ chiller-thriller which may possibly stop you from munching your popcorn bought during the interval.