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Sir review: Maid to perfection!

Writer-Director Rohena Gera’s film Sir starring Tillotama Shome and Vivek Gomber is a simple, beautiful and heartwarming film. Must watch.



Is Love Enough? Sir

Is Love Enough? Sir

Director: Rohena Gera

Cast: Tillotama Shome, Vivek Gomber

Streaming on: Netflix

There are many indie films which try to find a cinematic aesthetic in the everyday mundane activities. One of the first films (that I have watched) that comes to mind which captured this feat remarkably is Chaitanya Tamhane’s Marathi film Court (great films can be tad boring too). Writer-Director Rohena Gera’s film Is Love Enough? Sir or simply Sir is that rare film which manages to pull off this everyday boringness without boring you with a remarkably crisp script, smart direction and splendid performances by its leads Tillotama Shome and Vivek Gomber.

Ratna (Tillotama Shome) works as a house help/ maid for Ashwin (Vivek Gomber) whose marriage is called off. However dramatic the premise is, it is dealt with extreme simplicity and honesty. There’s no pretense in Rohena’s writing or direction. In a way, the film is a 100-odd minutes’ montage. But a montage that keeps you engaged throughout. Sir is streaming on Netflix. I watched it on my phone. Didn’t bother checking out the popping notifications of messages and emails. That speaks for itself.

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Rohena doesn’t bore you with an overindulgent narrative. She paces the film, which covers a timespan of few months, quickly without rushing to come to the conclusion. The world and the characters are relatable yet distant. The camera lingers as if observing these people from a distance. I almost can’t remember the background score because it’s not forced to get a dramatic effect. Sir is a simple, beautiful and a heartwarming film; almost feels like a meditation. It is as real as it could get.

Tillotama Shome as Ratna gives a commendable performance. She gets the body language, behavior of a maid to perfection. She also delivers her lines in fluent Marathi. You simply can’t take your eyes off her inspiring character. Vivek Gomber as Ashwin, a big shot construction businessman gives an earnest performance. He carries a casual swag without any macho-shenanigans. Both these actors are ‘truly beautiful’; something to ponder at while most are obsessed with the decorated and marketed ideas of ‘beautiful stars and celebrities’.

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In spite of all the blandness of the everyday mundane life of two people at the extreme opposite ends of the social and economic strata of the society, there’s never a dull moment. The intimate moment that Ratna and Ashwin share and what happens after that, is sensibly handled by the writer-director. She gives both the characters their dignity. It is as simple as that. You should definitely watch this film.