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Sur Lagu De Marathi Movie Review: Vikram Gokhale’s last film is melodramatic

The film directed by Pravin Birje also stars Suhasini Mulye and is released in cinemas.



A still from Sur Lagu De

SUR LAGU DE (Marathi)

Producers – Abhishek ‘King’ Kumar and Nitin Upadhyaya

Director – Pravin Birje

Cast- Vikram Gokhale, Suhasini Mulye, Reena Madhukar, Meghna Naidu

Platform of Release- Theatres


By Jyothi Venkatesh

The film is an emotional roller coaster ride revolving around the oft repeated subject of an ageing man Mohan Damle (Vikram Gokhale) a retired accountant, who has lost his son and daughter-in-law in a tragic accident and left with two grandsons and a wife. On an unfortunate day, his grandson is diagnosed with blood cancer and urgently requires a costly bone marrow transplant. How does he cope with the crisis?

Sonia, a TV reporter residing in the same chawl talks to her boss about the couple and her boss and a reporter try to raise the funds but the task proves to be humongously difficult for them. The film sets out to talk about the hypocrisy of rich and influential people and the golden heartedness of those with limited means, is about this.

Though Ashish Deo’s dialogues are touching, and some of the emotional scenes do touch the heart, on the flipside, the overall drama doesn’t have the desired impact, especially because the emotional scenes become too melodramatic as well as predictable after a point of time.

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The corruption in the so-called social welfare associations, the greediness of the hospitals and doctors and the ruthless TRP race of television channels is highlighted in the movie. As far as the performances are concerned, I should say that Vikram Gokhale is excellent as Mohan Damle whose grandson is detected with cancer, while Suhasini Mulay is very good as his wife, Radha. Reena Madhukar is okay as TV journalist Sonia while Meghna Naidu makes an 8impressionable impact as the gold digging and greedy TV reporter.

Pravin Birje’s direction is sensitive but, like the script, at times his narration also turns out to be quite predictable and what’s more, extremely exploitative and melodramatic to the core. Pankaj Padghan’s music is just about average while Baba Chavan’s lyrics are meaningful. Pradeep Kotnala’s background music is alright. The film has been dedicated by the makers to the late Vikram Gokhale who passed away a couple of months ago. Alas, Sur Lagu De is a sensitive script which has been mishandled.