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Yuvarathnaa review: Out and Out Crowd Pleaser!

Director Santosh Ananddram knows how to be the pilot of a mainstream masala film and the film





Director: Santosh Ananddram

Cast: Puneet Rajkumar, Sayyesha Saigal, Kavya Shetty, Prakash Belawadi, Dhananjaya, Sonu Gowda, Tharak Ponnappa , Diganth Manchale and Prakash Raj

Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video

Rating: **

Review by: Jyothi Venkatesh

Krishna Vardhan (Prakash Raj) who is the Principal of a highly reputed RK college is a man of principle He is agitated by the suicide of a high-performing student of his college. He suspects foul play in the functioning of the education system and sets out to tour across the state to gather the support of students for his protest to revamp the system and seek a high-level probe into the death of his student.

In his absence, RK College is turned into a den of vice, ranging from drugs to crime. It is now time for our hero Arjun (Puneeth Rajkumar) to enroll himself as a student in the college as a student and bring magic and heroism to the proceedings. Arjun’s real name is Yuvaraj and he is a spy for the Narcotics Bureau. He is also a math professor who takes part in undercover operations of the Narcotics Bureau. Or maybe he is a professor who works on a freelance basis with the anti-drug squad?  Forget about his identity and just watch him explode in the scenario.

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It is a story which is as old as the hills and if you set out to watch the film, please do not think that it is going to be a great cinematic masterpiece. If you like action and especially if you happen to be the ardent fan of superstar Puneet Rajkumar, it is a film that has been designed exclusively keeping you in mind

Yuvaratnaa is nothing but a clever rehash of Baasha of the 90’s of Rajinikant and Master of Vijay which was released only recently in January. There is not an iota of novelty in the film which belongs out and out to one and only one Puneet Rajkumar. Incidentally, for those who uninitiated, Puneet is no ether than the star son of the late Rajkumar.

Puneet Rajkumar plays to the gallery. After all, that is precisely the main reason that he has been signed to play the main lead in this venture of his. There is hardly any scene for him to prove his prowess as an actor in the film. The less said about his leading lady Sayyesha, who plays the role of Vandhana, the better because  she disappears by the time you just about blink and has been added in the film just to provide a romantic foil to Puneet. While Prakash Raj is simply great as the Principal who gets into his character with effortless ease, Prakash Belwadi also proves that he is second to none as far as acting is concerned.

To sum up, director Santosh Ananddram knows how to be the pilot of a mainstream masala film and the film , in any case has collected bountiful with its theatrical release a month ago and now this out and out crowd pleaser can be watched also by people who are non Kannadigas outside Bengaluru

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