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Patralekhaa to make her Kannada debut with Golden Ganesh in the film Where is my Kannadaka?

Patralekhaa after doing impressive roles in Bollywood to debut in the Kannada industry, read ahead to know more

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After wooing Bollywood, actress Patralekhaa is now trying her luck down South. She is set to debut in the Kannada film Where is my Kannadaka? Directed by Raaj and Damini, the film stars Golden Ganesh. Touted to be an action-comedy, the film will go on floor in April this year. The film will be majorly shot in London and the whole film will be shot in UK. The shoot is scheduled for April – May this year. The major chunk of the pre-production stage including script, screenplay, star cast is done and the whole ensemble is ready. The film will also be a directorial debut for the couple Raaj and Damini, who are known for several television shows in Hindi and Kannada.

Any hint about the storyline is not out yet. Patrelekhaa feels that this role is different than all the work that she has done in the past and she is excited to play it. The film is set to release in the later half this year.

Patralekhaa made a debut in Bollywood with Citylights in 2014, alongside her boyfriend Rajkummar Rao. She was praised for her performance in the film. Her last outing was with Abhay Deol in the horror comedy Nanu Ki Jaanu in 2018. Which was a remake of 2014 Tamil movie Pisaasu. She also starred in the Alt Balaji series Bose: Dead/Aliveagain with Rajkummar. Now all set to make her Kannada debut let’s see what Patralekhaa has in store for us. Wishing Patralekhaa luck for her new innings. For more updates about this film and other Bollywood latest news stay tuned to Cine Blitz.

Movie Reviews

NAKKASH review: Thought-provoking, but unimpressive

NAKKASH REVIEW: The characterisations in, and the premise of the film are beautiful, but the film fails due to an inadequate performance by the hero, amongst other reasons

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Cast: Inaamulhaq as Allah Rakha, Sharib Hashmi as Samad, Kumud Mishra as Vedantiji
Written & Directed by: Zaigham Imam
Music: Aman Pant (Theme music)
Produced by: AB Infosoft Creation, Jalsa Pictures, Padmaja Productions

Star Rating:

Writer-director Zaigham Imam has used the age-old issue of communal division and casteism that wracks our country even today. But he has effected them beautifully via the characterisations of the story, even though they struggle at an everyday level – as have-nots, with poverty, societal alienation, minority issues, police harassment and the lack of a voice amongst the haves.

What Nakkash is all about: Set in Varanasi, Nakkash is the sad tale of a gifted craftsman Allah Rakha Siddiqui (who works in metal embossing, engraving and sculpting) who despite belonging to the ‘lower class’ financially, is liberal-minded and tries to live his life in acceptance of all religions with no boundaries, and only a humanitarian spirit. He is a good-natured affable soul, maybe even evolved.  As a single parent, he tries to bring up his son too with the same values. A man of great talent, his very talent becomes the bane of his existence because his work is primarily sought after by the Hindu temples in Kashi, Benares and around, and this does not go down too well with either his own people or the divisive Hindus. He has inherited his craft from his ancestors, all of who have been working on Hindu temple carvings since generations. His own community does not accept his son when he wants to get him educated at the local madarasa. Their discontent is apparent in the boycott. The local police frequently round him up and thrash him because he is a Muslim and he dares to defile the temples and work on their deities. His main moral support is his staunch friend, a cycle-rickshaw driver Samad. Samad has his own angst because he is unable to gather enough money to send his aging father on a Hajj trip, due to which, his father reminds him everyday, that he will rot in hell and not ascend the promised paradise. The train of events that occurs in Allah Rakha’s life, his attempts to deal with it, and the outcome form the story of Nakkash. The film is 125-minutes long.

Yay: Like we said before, the characters have been well-fleshed-out in terms of their attitudes and actions. The child actor who plays Allah’s son – Guddu is bright and blithe. In a brief appearance as his second wife (he is a widower) Sabiha, actress Gulki Joshi lends support and strength to the story. Of the supporting cast, Sharib Hashmi as Allah Rakha’s friend Samad who lands him in trouble when he steals the temple jewellery, and Rajesh Sharma as the casteist Police Inspector are noticeable. Kumud Mishra who plays Vedantiji, the truly secular Hindu priest of the temple, the man who hires him and is Allah Rakha’s staunchest supporter, is dignified and highly effective in his portrayal.

Director of Photography Asit Biswas has done some good work overall. Aman Pant’s theme music was unobtrusive and very well used.

Nay: Pawan Tiwari as the aspiring politician and Vedantijis son, is not convincing within reason. The film boasts editing by Prakash Jha, but is too slow-paced despite being brief. Inaamulhaq as Allah Rakha Siddiqui looks wretched and abject – but looking the part does not quite do it. Especially since it is heavy on thought and attitude – let’s just simply say that he is not a good actor.

CineBlitz Verdict: Despite the film’s flaws, the end is very tragic and deeply disturbing. It leaves one feeling inadequate as a society. So maybe the director achieves his end in the message conveyed. One imagines it must not have been easy to make this film for lack of backing or big names. It is an earnest effort, but sadly and truly, the film is not likely to draw crowds into theatres. It might end just like its protagonist, an unnoticed statistic.

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Will Modi’s victory increase the collection of the biopic PM Narendra Modi?

The Vivek Anand Oberoi starrer is set to release tomorrow (May 24)

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Narendra Modi Biopic

Today (May 23) comes in as a closure to the Lok Sabha elections 2019 that have been going on since the past month. While the counting has kept everyone on the edge of their seats, by noonm there emerged a clear winner. The  Bhartiya  Janata Party has turned out to be victorious and PM Narendra Modi may be back, going by current fiures and tallies  as per reports. Tomorrow (May 24) is another big event for the party, as the biopic of PM Modi is set to release. However, it is a fact that the victory of Modi will only enhance the collections of the biopic that releases tomorrow. Modi Bhakts will be flocking to the theatres to see their hero glorified in the biopic. Trade analyst Atul Mohan says todays’s decision will double the collection of the film.

The biopic PM Narendra Modi starring Vivek Anand Oberoi in and as the tiyular character of the PM, has been surrounded by controversies for the longest time. After dealing with the EC, the film is set to release tomorrow. What better day could they have picked for a release than tomorrow, with the man on whom the film is based, winning the elections just a day before. The victory is bound to increase the collection of the film for sure. Trade analyst Atul Mohan said, “Modi’s win will definitely help the Modi film. It is tracking for day one at Rs 3 crores and it could jump to double and may earn Rs 6 crore plus.” further talking about the distribution and screen space Atul added, “I am hearing that the demand for the movie amongst exhibitors has also increased.”

Meanwhile, what has also been affected across the Box Office is overall collections for film screenings  today. Due to the election results, people have refrained from stepping out, in turn bringing down the collections of the films that are in theatres right now. Regarding the same Atul said, “And for the films which are in theaters today, their business has been affected very badly. Because of the elections and results people have avoided stepping out.”

 Stay tuned to CineBlitz for more updates on Elections 2019 results

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Blackbuck poaching case: Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Sonali Bendre get fresh notices challenging their acquittal

Hum Saath Saath Hain actors Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Sonali Bendre, Neelam Kothari were allegedly accompanying Salman Khan when he hunted two black bucks in 1998

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Black Buck Poaching case

The 1998 Blackbuck Poaching Case was on a standstill since a long time without any update. Now, the most recent update is that the Jodhpur bench of the Rajasthan High Court has issued new notices to actors Saif Ali Khan, Sonali Bendre, Neelam Kothari and Tabu. The notice comes after the appeal by the State Government against the acquittal of the mentioned actors.

The actors courted trouble in 1998 on the sets of the film Hum Saath Saath Hain in Jodhpur when they accompanied Salman Khan. The Bishnoi community alleged that Salman had hunted two Black Bucks in the Jhankari village and all the others had cheered and supported him in the act. Followed by Salman’s arrest in October 1998 the case has been taking twists and turns. In September 2018 the CJM rural court gave the decision that only Salman was guilty and rest all were acquitted. Salman was given a punishment of five years of imprisonment.

The decision didn’t go well with the state government and they decided to appeal to the Jodhpur High Court against the acquittal of the four accused. Notice was also issued to Dushyant Singh who was allegedly with the group when poaching took place. We are waiting for further updates. Stay tuned to CineBlitz.

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