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Rohit Shetty launches Raj Pandit’s romantic music single ‘Maahaul’, calls it incredible

The video is out on Salim Sulaiman’s YouTube channel. Presented by Merchant Records and GoDaddy India.



Rohit Shetty launches Raj Pandit's romantic music single 'Maahaul'

Offering a treat to the mind and soul, “Maahaul”, starring Raj Pandit and Vedika Kaul Vyas, is here to fill your day with love, romance, and peace. Notably, this amazing song has been sung, composed and produced by Raj Pandit himself and the lyrics has been written by IP Singh.

The Grand Music Launch that took place in Mumbai today saw some of the bigwigs of the entertainment industry. Ace director Rohit Shetty and stalwarts of the music industry Salim-Sulaiman graced the occasion with their presence and seemed awestruck by the euphonious composition.

Talking about the song, Rohit Shetty said, “The mix, the simplicity of the song are incredible. Raj has done a wonderful job, and I couldn’t be more proud of him.”

Talking about the song, Salim Merchant said, “Maahaul is beautiful and such a treat to hear. I have worked with Raj before and can vouch for the fact that the boy is extremely talented. Not only is he a great singer, but he is also a fantastic dancer. I am proud of him, and I am sure he’s going to go a really long way.”

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Raj Pandit, who clocks the Big 5 of his music singles with Maahaul, couldn’t contain his excitement over his first romantic music number. “It is a song that will always be close to my heart. From its soothing composition to the way it has been aesthetically shot, the overall outcome is pure love,” said an elated Raj.

Talking about Rohit Shetty launching the song, Raj said that he believes in the Midas touch of the director. “Rohit Sir has a certain cracking vision when it comes to action, comedy, and even romance. The way love is portrayed in his movies is just so magical. I genuinely believe that Rohit sir’s Midas touch turns everything into gold, and I genuinely hope it works for Maahaul.”

Talking about the song, Vedika said, “I had a great time filming for Maahaul. I am so thankful to Raj for getting me this project and extremely honored to be a part of this song.”

Rohit Shetty gave an action clap at the song launch and stated, “Usually the clap is given at the beginning of a shot, and now with the action clap at the song launch, let’s call it the beginning of all things amazing for Raj and their entire team.”

Maahaul stars Raj Pandit and Vedika Kaul Vyas in the lead and is available on all music streaming platforms. The video is out on Salim Sulaiman’s YouTube channel. Presented by Merchant Records and GoDaddy India.