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Ambani wedding felt like a world-affair, say celebrities!

Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding cost around 1000 cr.




Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding cost around 1000 cr. It was attended by Indian celebrities as well as International celebrities making it one of the biggest and most talked about events in 2024 so far. Here’s what these celebrities have to say about it.

Shivangi Verma:

The Ambanis have been all over social media this past week, and it’s truly delightful to see the celebrations, the joy on everyone’s faces, and, of course, the love between the couple. It brings me great joy to witness their happiness, along with the entire Ambani family. Of course, after watching their pre-wedding festivities on social media, I can only imagine how spectacular the Ambani wedding will be. Given their grand style, it’s bound to be an even more extravagant and magnificent affair and I feel the entire event was pure entertainment with the presence of both international and Indian celebrities attending the wedding, adding an extra layer of grandeur to the celebration.

Shubhangi Atre:

I bet it was a feast for the eyes on social media. If the pre-wedding was that lavish, I can only imagine the wedding will be even more grand. Exciting to see what unfolds! Sounds like a star-studded spectacle. I’d be curious and entertained, especially with Rihanna’s performance and Diljit Dosanjh taking the stage.

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Jason Tham:

Since a past week, the entire social media was about the ambanis, from the speech of Anant Ambani, the Drone shows, Mukesh Ambani in tears, Nita Ambanis dance performance video to so many memes. It was spectacle to watch the pre wedding, even on social media. It felt like the whole world came to India. Mark Zuckerberg , Bill Gates, Ivanka Trump, to our biggies in the industry like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, etc. it would be impossible to see all of them together otherwise…It’s The Ambanis, of course, the wedding will be nothing short of a majestic affair and the saying ‘The big fat Indian wedding’ will have a whole new meaning now. I guess the world will witness something never seen before. This is what social media was meant to do, connecting people. And I feel watching the whole event was pure entertainment.

Angad Hasija:

I’m watching all the functions, and everything is so interesting. I feel like if not the Ambani family, who else would take things to the next level? Everyone has their own way of expressing happiness. In fact, what’s noteworthy is that everyone seems to be genuinely enjoying themselves, and there are so many beautiful things happening. The best part of this event, for me, is the promotion of Indian culture, something I haven’t seen much of lately. It’s been a long time since we actively promoted so many things, and many aspects of Indian culture were fading out, like traditional dance and outfits. It’s really great to see them highlighting these beautiful elements. What’s amazing is that the Ambani family, representing such a significant event, is giving people a beautiful lesson in staying connected to their Indian culture. Despite reaching such heights, they haven’t forgotten their roots. They could have chosen various other variations, but they opted for something uniquely Indian because there’s nothing as rich as Indian culture. I’m genuinely excited to witness their wedding.

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Sheeba Akashdeep:

It was good to watch. It was grand. It was spectacular. There was fun, there was color.
There was the best outfit. Visually, it was Like a Karan Johar movie in 200. So it was un. I enjoyed watching everything. I enjoy everything. Everybody was wearing the clothes, the jewelry, the performances, the fun. It was like how the first family of the country should be celebrating. So amazing and all the best and loads of blessings to everyone.

Varsha Hegde:

I absolutely loved the event! The way everyone showed up, dressed to the nines, and how everything unfolded—it was simply breathtaking. It felt like a ‘wow’ moment from start to finish. You know, they say if the beginning is so amazing, you can’t predict how spectacular the grand finale will be. I’m eagerly waiting for June; it feels more significant than my own wedding. When I saw the entire pre-wedding setup, the arrival of all the artists, and everything, it was jaw-dropping. I followed the whole event on social media, news, everywhere, and it left me in awe.

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Nivedita Basu:

I think yes, the visuals of the Ambani wedding were spectacular and never seen before. So even though people say it was a PR exercise, I think it was well executed because for five days my timeline was only reflecting what they were all about and this is when I follow international news and international celebrities also. So I think it hit home with whatever it had to achieve. I think the pre-wedding was bigger than the wedding that is my feeling because the whole idea of promoting this was that vantara the forest reserve and they wanted the world to know and make it like a worldwide thing that how we travel to africa to see the wildlife probably india would become that on the map and having these world over people come and see it made it even more evident that it was a promotable thing so i don’t think it can get bigger than this for the wedding and ideally it shouldn’t.

Amit Das:

You’re impressed by the videos and feel that spending money on your son is justified. You believe that even those with significant wealth would allocate a considerable amount for their children’s weddings. In today’s generation, you observe that most people focus on the grandeur of the wedding, but only a small percentage invest in assets, which you find commendable. You appreciate the individual in the video for building a substantial empire in India’s economy, and you’re content with their accomplishments.