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Pyar Ke Do Naam Review: Danish Javed’s film is on clashing ideologies

The film feautes Bhavya Sachdev, Ankita Sahu, Achal Tankwal and Kanika Gautam.



A still from Pyar Ke Do Naam


Producer- Danish Javed and Vijay Goel

Director- Danish Javed

Cast- Bhavya Sachdev, Ankita Sahu, Achal Tankwal and Kanika Gautam

Platform of Release- Theatres


By Jyothi Venkatesh

Handsome and tall Aryan Khanna (Bhavya Sachdeva) is a young scholar from Cape Town who specializes in Nelson Mandela as a subject, while pretty Kaira (Ankita Sahu) is a student and follower of Mahatma Gandhi. Aligarh Muslim University announces a seminar on peace to choose the “world peace leader” Prof. Tariq Siddiqui and Prof Najma Siddiqui, head of Urdu and English department respectively are supposed to judge the event. Pitted against each other in the competition during the college seminar on peace in Aligarh, the two fall in love.

However, while Kaira believes in serious commitment, Aryan believes more in togetherness, even if it’s just for a night. Whether their love prevails or results in heartbreak forms the crux of the convoluted story. In other words, even as they fall in love, will their clashing philosophies prove to be a hurdle, is what the film will set out to dwell about.

The film also has a convoluted track about two students, Saima (Kanika Gautam) and Kabir (Achal Tankwal) who are tasked with their hospitality who break up because of a misunderstanding between the lead couple. Sadly, though the film attempts to explore philosophical themes within a love story, the flat execution falls short.

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As far as the performances are concerned, Bhavya Sachdev lacks emotions but is passable nevertheless, while Ankita Sahu delivers a sincere performance as a young and mature girl who believes in the permanence of a relationship to avoid meeting the same fate as her unwed mother who had been ditched by her father. Though their tracks are far too disjointed, Kanika Gautam and Achal Tankwal make sincere efforts, as actors too.

Danish Javed’s maiden directorial venture has a promising and unique premise—of two lovers as followers of the greatest leaders, and their opposing views on love adding another layer to their clashing ideologies. However, the script and screenplay fail to do justice to either.

Sadly, while the film sets out to make an attempt to explore philosophical themes within the format of a love story, the execution falls short and ‘Pyar Ke Do Naam’ ultimately fizzles out, leaving a feeling of missed potential.