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‘Modi Ji Ki Beti’ a real-life controversy that represents every courageous Indian girl, insists vivacious Avani Modi in the ‘de-glam’ title role

In an ‘exclusive’ rapid-fire interaction, the articulate, witty yet outspoken Avani Modi comes up with her ‘la-jawaab’ responses:



Avani Modi

By Chaitanya Padukone

Vivacious glam-model and lead actress Avani Modi {of ‘Calendar Girls’ movie fame} has been grabbing headlines ever since she launched herself in the de-glam title role of her upcoming movie ‘Modi Ji Ki Beti’    The film is produced under A E Creatives and the presenter of the film is Brandex Entertainment Avani Modi, Eddy Singh, and Arpit Garg are the co-producers of the film. The screenplay, story, and dialogues of the film have also been written by Avani Modi. The film stars Avani along with Pitobash Tripathi and Vikram Kochhar in the main primary lead roles. The film ‘Modi Ji Ki Beti will be released on October 14. 2022. It has been shot across the scenic locales of Himachal Pradesh.

In an ‘exclusive’ rapid-fire interaction, the articulate, witty yet outspoken Avani Modi comes up with her ‘la-jawaab’ responses:

Q: After playing one of the leads in Madhur Bhandarkar’s bold, maverick movie Calendar Girls (2015) why did you keep away from the Bollywood Hindi orbit?                                 

Avani Modi (AM): Quite true. But then I have also featured in Tamil films including Naan Rajavaga Pogiren and Strawberry and two films in Gujarati called Bapu Kya Chhe and Carry On Kesar. Besides these, I have also been part of two short films called Voice Mail and Gulaabi Frankly speaking, playing a Calendar Girl was relatively easy. Modi Ji Ki Beti ban-ne mein kaafi waqt lagtaa hai. It requires immense hard work, dedication, and purity of intention for such films.

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Q: What is the rationale behind this unconventional movie title ‘Modi Ji Ki Beti’ with an apparent political tinge?

AM: Modi Ji Ki Beti is a strong symbolic title. It represents every daughter of our country. It’s the voice of each Indian girl who is strong and courageous. Also, our story has been derived from the real-life controversy which happened to me back in 2014. That’s when I was first projected as “Modi Ji Ki Beti “by our own news media. That’s why the title is kept as Modi Ji Ki Beti “which I have written, produced, and acted in the film. In which I play a ‘wannabe actor’ called Avani. It was not so demanding, since I played myself and all the dialogues had already been imprinted in my mind. It was however challenging to ‘cut’ out the writer in me and improvise as the lead actress.

Q: Did You have to take prior official permission for using the title Modi Ji Ki Beti directed by eminent veteran ad-film maker Eddy Singh?

AM: As I said earlier, it’s a take from a real-life event that is there in the public domain, so it wasn’t needed. In fact, I am thankful to our Indian news media for giving me such a wonderful title and plot for the movie.

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Q: What made you decide to ‘produce’ the “intelligent comedy” MJKB movie written by you?

AM: It wasn’t a conscious decision. Unfortunately, the big banner studios/ production houses and OTT platforms seem to finance only top star-studded films or films of the makers who are friends with them. All the outsiders have to prove themselves until they become a bankable or saleable name enough to be backed by such studios. ‘Modi Ji Ki Beti’ is my visiting card to enter the showbiz.

Q: Do you anticipate any controversies arising as your screen character is shown also countering enemy terrorists and making India proud?

AM: Quite possible. There could be huge controversy taking place in our neighboring hostile country as well as the so-called nurturers of terrorism in that hostile country may not be able to handle this film’s content. At the same time, our movie is full of comedy and hilarious incidents along with the beautiful inspiring message of patriotism. How ‘Avani Modi’ reaches across to the neighboring country and how it affects the whole country is going to be interesting to watch. The film also deals with complex issues like terrorism and jihad. It has a lot of twists and turns to make it gripping and engaging for the viewers.

Q: You are playing a ‘wannabe heroine’ and wearing a burkha with a de-glam look in “MJKB’ in contrast to your off-screen glam image. Was it a challenge not to look glam? 

AM–Not at all. As a performing actress and also a theatre-plays artiste. I am very much comfortable in my skin. Also, it’s easier to shed off make-up on screen than clothes [laughs]. In fact, possibly I am one of the few glam actresses portraying a de-glam look on screen, I guess.

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Q: How does the above connect with the main plot of MKB?  Interestingly you played a girl of Pakistani Origin (Nazneen Malik) in Madhur’s Calendar Girls movie.

AM: Well, it’s just a coincidence but there is no relevance. Both the films and characters are poles apart from each other.

Q: Does today’s content on OTT excite you, if you are offered bold, explicit hot-glamour roles? 

AM: OTT platforms often have some of the most brilliant content these days. Any kind of subject with a strong power-packed role attracts me always. But there is this thin line between bold, sensuous, and erotic. Some of them seem to be rather ignorant about it.

(The writer of this interview Chaitanya Padukone is an eminent senior film-journalist-author of memoirs book R D BurMania)