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My Lek Marathi Movie Review: A bittersweet tale of a single mother and her adolescent daughter

The film stars Sonali Khare and Umesh Kamat.



My Lek

MY LEK (Marathi)

Producer- Sonali Khare

Director- Priyanka Tanwar

Cast- Sonali Khare, Sanayaah Anand, Umesh Kamat, Bijay Anand, Shubangi Latkar and Sanjay Mone

Platform of Release- Theatres


By Jyothi Venkatesh

The bitter-sweet tale of a single mother & an adolescent daughter living in the UK is about Sharvari, (Sonali Khare) a young single mother, who works as a head chef at a London restaurant and is very keen on opening a Maharashtrian restaurant there. At the same time, she is navigating a challenging relationship with her teenage daughter Myra (Sanayaah Anand), who is going through puberty. Myra has taken after her mother when it comes to working hard and being an achiever.

The bond of friendship between the mother and daughter is also blurring. In between all this, Vaibhav (Umesh Kamat), Sharvari’s childhood friend, enters the story. The story of My Lek is relatable, and Priyanka and her team handle the emotional side of the story extremely well and give viewers a lot of things to think about.

What sets the film back by several steps behind is the direction, production, primitive camera work and a shallow script. The film is very much like a series of scenes where two characters are sitting and talking. There is no action, no drama and no activities in the characters’ lives.

While Sanayaah is the life of the film and literally gets into the skin of her character with effortless ease, Umesh Kamat enlivens the film with his characterization. Sonali Khare fails to live up to the expectations of her character while Bijay Anand is effective in a brief role.

As far as the rest of the characters are concerned, all that I can say is that Shubhangi Latkar scores as the mother of the protagonist while Sanjay Mone is good as the understanding father who is in conflict with his wife. In short, to sum up, My Lek is a bittersweet tale which is worth watching at least once if you like emotional and melodramatic plots.

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