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Shaadi sochne ki nahin karne ki baat hai, says Katrina Kaif – Must read!

Katrina Kaif now confidently expresses herself in Hindi too, saying ‘Shaadi sochne ki baat nahi, karne ki baat hai’. Admitting that the audience reaction to unsuccessful films kept her in the depths of despair for a few days, the actress talks about her 15 tumultuous years in the big league of Bollywood.



Katrina Kaif now confidently expresses herself in Hindi too, saying ‘Shaadi sochne ki baat nahi, karne ki baat hai’. Admitting that the audience reaction to unsuccessful films kept her in the depths of despair for a few days, the actress talks to Bharati Dubey about her
15 tumultuous years in the big league of Bollywood.

“All human beings feel incomplete and we fill it with work or relationships”. Over 15 years in the Hindi film industry and 48 films later, it is still a stunning admission to make for an A-list actress who has always chosen to play characters that appear to fit into the tiny box Bollywood characterizes as ‘glamourous.’ Her sensational mid-riff has had more screen time in the minds of the audiences than the entire star cast of many films, and doesn’t Kat know it! Sitting pretty and perfect in her immaculate black formal pants, she is nonchalant about the new milestone she crossed last September – a decade-and-a-half of being the ‘shiny, pretty love-interest in a movie’. Two short of 50 films, Kat is a little stunned at the statistics thrown at her saying, “Really, I don’t think it is that much.”

How would you describe your 15 years and over 40 films-journey in Bollywood?

I really don’t have any words to describe the journey – too much has happened… too many experiences. So many things have happened – good, bad, dramatic, some fun, and some, not.

But there must be some lesson learnt on this journey? A rulebook perhaps, of ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts’, as one learns….

Good or bad, nothing is permanent. Every situation and feeling has come for some time, and that too shall pass. Nothing is completely immovable and unchangeable, so don’t take everything too seriously.

As someone who’s always been perfect and proper, was there any course correction you needed to do?

Sometimes you think like that… but I only focus on what is aage, on what I have to do now, not on ‘Oh, I shouldn’t have done that’. I focus on today and how to make it better. I don’t make a plan. I work on what I have on hand, and I think that’s the best way to work. You can’t plan anything.

It was reported that you didn’t want to play the character of Babita in Zero as it was so dark, that you got affected by it. True?

I did not say that. But I would come back between schedules and tell Aanand Sir (director Aanand L Rai), ‘Do we really have to go there again?’, as it was hard to keep going back into it. Many parts of the journey were tough and difficult, and very emotionally draining. It was not a joyous and happy place and that was a bit of a struggle.

Through your recent work, everyone has been impressed with your growth as an actor.

Thank you. With life experiences and work experiences, you gain more knowledge of your craft and more knowledge as a person. Also, there comes a time in your life when there is not much happening in your personal life, and you are only focusing on your work. So, when it’s just one thing, so much of your mind and your capability and your energy is focused on that, and it will show. You’ll learn something and you will come out with something new.

I remember you saying that you were living out of a suitcase. And that there was not much going on in your personal life. But you definitely are a family person who cares for your family. How much time do you give yourself and family?

I don’t take time out ever, per se. The only time I take out is the New Year holidays, and when I grab little breaks, I always like to see my sisters. It is important for me to see them. I feel happy, I enjoy the personal time I spend with them. As for my personal life, there is no relationship at the moment.

How do you utilize the time you are not shooting?

Right now, that time is not there.

Shah Rukh Khan once said that he wanted to go cycling on Bandstand, and Salman Khan and he did do that. Do you have something like this on your mind?

Not right now. There are many things that perhaps, I would want to do one day. But right now, I don’t know… there are many things I don’t know, but there are thoughts and feelings in my mind. Right now, my interest is in working on my craft. My focus is on what I can learn and do in performing and in my acting, so my energies are focused there even in my off time. I still do some workshop training which has to do with acting or dialogue rehearsals. In my time off, I work towards that.

What is that one tip you gave your sister Isabel, who is making her Bollywood debut soon?

I told her, don’t come with any expectations. The only thing you can do is put in your best, the outcome is unpredictable. And be patient. Watch what happens slowly, don’t be in a rush.

You’ve been patient and persistent, and you have a film each with the three Khans. Your recent releases didn’t impress the audiences, but your work was appreciated. How does failure affect you, and how do you deal with it?

You feel bad because you’ve put in a lot of hard work, everyone has put in so much of hard work… especially after the kind of hours I had put into the films, I felt very bad. I felt very low for two days… then you have to accept that what you did, did not resonate with the audiences. It didn’t work for some reason, so you pull yourself up and try and do better the next time.

So, no introspection?

I don’t think anyone knows what failed in the film. It just didn’t work with the audiences.

After Zero, your next is a project with Salman. Were you the original choice for the film?

Well, Priyanka (Chopra Jonas) was doing the film earlier, but once she slipped out, Ali (Abbas Zafar) sent me the script. For me, it was a clear decision. I immediately fell in love with the character and thought it was a good opportunity for me. I am happy doing that film.

Ali has always considered you to be his lucky mascot, has he not?

He has done a wonderful film Sultan without me. I think we just work well together. He knows me very well, he knows how I operate, and he has become very good at what he does. He has really grown as a director, and doing a very good job for himself.

You seem to have become comfortable with yourself, and also more vocal?

But I always speak from my heart. And honestly, it all depends on how much time one spends with that person.

So what kind of person is Katrina – how do you describe yourself?

I am a very inquisitive person. I like to learn and acquire knowledge and information about things. I am very curious in knowing, and learning about life and the world.

What do you expect from a relationship of any kind?

Every relationship has a different dynamic. So you expect something different from each one of them. And I am someone who just responds to who is in my life very organically. There is no equation in my life on a personal level, so everyone in my life is there in their own capacity.

Your mother runs a school in Madurai and you’ve often asked us to visit the place for its philosophy. Do you have any spiritual leanings?

Spirituality is a personal thing. Everyone develops their own interpretation of God. I definitely have my own beliefs on that.

Every actress with a presence on social media talks about getting affected by trolls. The sheer viciousness is a menace for the industry. Your experience?

Not really. All is good and peaceful, shanti hai. (smiles)

Of the top three leading ladies of Bollywood – Priyanka and Deepika (Padukone) are now married. When will we see you donning the bridal gown?

Shaadi sochne ki baat hi nahin hai. You can think about it all you want. But shaadi karne ki baat hai. And wo kisko pata hai? How do you know and ek insaan ka decision thodi hai. Do logon ka hona zaroori hai – toh saamnewala toh hona chahiye na? Woh jab aayega, tab aayega. You don’t know what is in store for you. Aage ka prediction kaun kar sakta hai. You have to see what happens.