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Trends of Spring/Summer 2019 we would want you to follow!

Shades of Beige, Laces, Bright coloured suits, Crochet, fishnets and Prairie dresses are ruling this Summer/ Spring.



We are still getting comfortable with our winter wardrobes by layering our clothes and wearing our beanies, but the fashion forecasts are running ahead of time, making us want to buy our summer clothes already. The impatient inner self soars high when we take a look at the Spring/Summer collections and trends on the internet and in some of the stores. Though, this season will be quite light on the pocket as we are throwing back to some old trends like fringes and florals again. No doubt summer all is about bright and peppy colours, but adding contrast to it is the colour beige this season.

So let’s gear up to shop for the next season, and we tell you what you should pick…

# Chic Beige: This season pastels are replaced by the spectrum of beige. Not over the top, but very elegant, chic and soft in nature. Perfect for workwear, and for bright evenings with some extra accessories. They will surely turn heads around you. Go Chic! Go Beige!


Lacy affair: Lace has the nature of being very sophisticated, yet sexy. No woman can deny having a black lacy LBD (little black dress) in her wardrobe. But this season, lace is less of feminine, and more about masculine silhouettes, adding a power statement to your outfit. Lace up with power this time!


Crafty folklore: Are beach vacations ever complete without crochet elements? No, right? The folk crafts are back with fishnet weaves, patchwork applique and crochet. Just the thought of fishnets and crochet gives us an easy-breezy feeling. Revel in crochet and fishnets, this summer.


Pep-up suits: This trend fulfils the whole concept of summer fashion in just one word: Bright. These suits will add tutti-fruity seasoning to your work life. The saturated hues of these suits definitely change the angle of work-wear in general. Saturate your suits this season.


Prairie dresses: Summers are not summers without those long prairie dresses. Though floral prints are over-exhausted now, this season they’re making a big deal with the prairie dresses. These dresses are that combination of chic and comforting. Just throw them on and you’re good to go. The puffed sleeves and the long length add a modest romance to your look too. Cover-up in prairies!


These are some of our favourite trends for the coming season, so, let us know in the comments below which one would you prefer wearing this summer?