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“It was not a sensible eviction”, says Sahil Shroff, Bigg Boss 15’s first eviction

Bigg Boss 15 witnessed its first eviction on Sunday October 10 as Sahil Shroff bid adieu to the show.



Sahil Shroff

Bigg Boss 15 witnessed its first eviction on Sunday October 10 as Sahil Shroff bid adieu to the show. The model-actor talks about his stay in the Bigg Boss house, what he thought about his eviction, other inmates at the house and having to start afresh after his eviction. Read excerpts from his exclusive interview with Cine Blitz:

Thought Simba would get evicted but surprise to see you exit…

We were told to make ourselves more visible on the show and we took that positive reinforcement and an hour later I was told I was out of the show. I was a bit confused about how that happened. Honestly speaking there are some people who are cut out for Bigg Boss and I am just an actor and model and I am happy doing that…

Social media is important. Yours seems to be weak…

Bigg Boss is for the TV audience and I am an actor and model. People know my face but I have not done television and everyone inside the show except  for Shamita Shetty are TV and reality show actors. Besides, if you nominate 13 contestants, it is for sure the least followed person might be the target and that was me… I thought I was making some good content on Voot and had some great fun. But I am certainly not someone who will shout like them. I have a different style…

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Bigg Boss is all about shouting and fighting…

I was told that someone sensible like Rahul Roy came out on top. But here, they nominated all the 13 contestants and there were no tasks given to us to show competitiveness. I am an athlete and did not get a chance to explore myself on the show. I did fight two or three times but does one really rise by fighting on? I did not change myself for the show. Both Rakhi Sawant and Salman Bhai did tell me that I need to do more on the show and I was ready for that and 20 minutes later I was out of the show.

Feeling bad or cheated…

I am okay with the decision. I have a very good life outside. I don’t have a problem with my exit but the point is that if you see the person is making an effort and trying to build a relationship, one needs to give him a chance. I felt that is not a sensible eviction though it is their judgement. I am okay with the decision. Because I have a very good life outside. I don’t have a problem with it. But if you see the footage you will know I was the underdog on the show.

Shamita is getting more importance on the show…

She is bound to get importance. She is Shamita Shetty and also a Bigg Boss OTT contestant. Frankly speaking, I have not seen the footage but I know for a fact when I signed for the show I was told that you can be yourself.

One thought Pratik had been obnoxious and misbehaved on the show and may be asked to leave the show..

Seeing the kind of world we are living in we were told that we need different personalities and classy people. But you need to give us time. And here Pratik was not even punished. Why should I get nominated? I did everything for the team and sacrificed so much. I have shown my individual strength and effort but then I was out of the show. I am happy with the decision because I was missing my home and my life. I think god heard that.

Strongest player on the show…

It is Karan Kundrra who is playing really well and not only that he is enjoying himself. He even told me that I was doing the right thing even though he was shocked when I left the show.

What’s next…

I had a show which I left for Bigg Boss. Now I have to start my journey all over again. I will tell you all those in the house are meant for Bigg Boss and I am not fit for the show. Had I entered the house about 10 years ago, then main sabko faad deta. Had I got one more week you would’ve seen another side of me. My old side would’ve come back. I was getting frustrated but needed the opportunity.