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Tejashree Pradhan: “I did a lip to lip kiss with Sharman in Babloo Bachelor because the kiss was essential to the script and not just forced to titillate the audiences”

Actress Tejashree Pradhan speaks to Jyothi Venkatesh in an exclusive interview for Cine Blitz



Tejashree Pradhan

By Jyothi Venkatesh

It is only after having made your screen presence felt in Marathi films that you have at last decided to make your debut with the film Babloo Bachelor in Bollywood. Why this inordinate delay?

I would not call it a delay at all. Babloo Bachelor was the first ever opportunity in Hindi films that I got as an actor in the industry. It was thanks to Sharman Joshi who is playing the lead in Babloo Bachelor that I managed to get the opportunity to make my debut with the film Babloo Bachelor.

How did you bag the offer?

Like I said, it was Sharman who told me that he was all set to act in a film called Babloo Bachelor and said that the producer needed two actresses to play the lead in the film opposite me and asked me to get in touch with the producer if I was keen on making my debut. I rang up the producer and had a one line conversation on telephone and felt that I should be part of the film as it is a clean and simple film with which I could easily relate to.

How do you known Sharman Joshi in the first place?

Sharman and I played the leads in a play called Main Aur Tum sometime back and could hit it off very well with him on a one on one level.

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What is your role in the film Babloo Bachelor?

I play a young girl next door in Lucknow called Swati who is very overambitious. It was yet another random character of a girl who wants to become a heroine in films and about to what extent will she go to achieve her desire and ambition in life and whether she has to lose her principles in life to become a successful heroine. I happen to meet Babloo in a wedding and the plot revolves around what I mean to Babloo.

You have acted in almost 15 films till date in Marathi!

Yes. I have acted in Marathi films like Dr Prakash Baba Amte- The Real Hero, Ti Sadhya Kaay Karte, Zenda, Lagna Pahave Karoon, Judgment, Asehi Ekda Vhave etc

In what way have you evolved as an actress over the last twelve years?

In think I have evolved a lot over the years as an actress, thanks to the experience that I have gained by working in films as well as TV serials besides my stint on the stage. I feel that I am different today when compared to what I was yesterday and tomorrow I will be different from what I am today as an actress.  I have always believe that I will get whatever is destine to me as an actress, whether I like it or not, if I work hard and am sincere. I am practical enough to think I will not get anything in life, which is naseeb se zyaada or waqt se pehle.

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Can you elucidate?

I am just happy with whatever has happened with me, career wise as well as my personal life is concerned and have no regrets at all. I do not compare myself with any other actress but with myself and the work that I do today is far better than what I did yesterday as an actress. I think that if you work confidently and people also appreciate your work, it is up to you to keep yourself level headed and not gloat with vanity.

You shot to fame with Satish Rajwade’s film Ti Sadhya Kaay Karte. How come Satish has not cast you in any other TV serial or for that film after the success of the film Ti Sadhya Kaay Karte?

Satish had offered to cast me in his TV serial immediately after I did Ti Sadhya Kaay Karte but I did not have time to say yes to his offer because TV consumes a lot of time at my disposal as I was quiet busy with my various film commitments at that time

How is Agnidev Chatterji as a director in Babloo Bachelor?

Agnidev Chatterji had earlier directed quite a few films in Bengali and Babloo Bachelor marks his debut in Hindi films. Agnidevdada has worked very hard as a director in Babloo Bachelor and I should say I am indeed grateful to him for having reposed his trust in me and felt that I could do justice to the character of Swati in Babloo Bachelor. The character is a very good one an actress can aspire to make her debut with as it has a graph full of emotions.

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Didn’t you feel skeptical about playing the second girl in Babloo’s life in the film especially since the film has two leading ladies?

Both the girls are equally involved with Babloo in his journey in life at different stages. To know for the sake of whom Babloo sacrifices his bachelorhood, you have to watch the film. The film was slated to release on March 20 but its release was indefinitely postponed because of the Covid 19 virus scare and it is at last seeing the light of the day only today on October 22, 2021.

For the first time in your career as an actress, you have given a lip to lip kiss with Sharma Joshi in Babloo Bachelor. How intimidating or scary was it for you as a Marathi actress?

It was a bit difficult for me to convince myself first I should do the lip to lip kiss but I said yes when I read through the script and realized that the kiss was very essential to the script and not just forced to titillate the viewers. It helped that I had a good chemistry with Sharman Joshi as a co-actor and he put me in the comfort zone when we did the scene. We should not differentiate between Marathi and a Bollywood actress when it comes to kiss, because you have got to be professional to the core. I’d love to mention ‘Don’t Judge a book by its cover’.

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Like Priya Bapat who was seen in City of Joy, do you too plan to act in web series?

I’d also love to work in web series like Priya Bapat, if I bag a good offer. I do keep on getting offers to work in web series, but till I get a good offer, I am not game to do any web series.

Who are the directors in your wish list with whom you would love to work with?

I do not have any dream director to work with in my wish lost because I just cannot pinpoint any one particular name as I would like to work with all good directors.

Who are your favorite actors and actresses?

I have a few favorites like Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Irrfan Khan, Randhir Kapoor Nawazuddin Siddiqui etc.

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What is the status of Marathi Cinema today?

Marathi Cinema is growing by strength to strength and improving day by day today. It is becoming bigger and bigger especially since Many Bollywood filmmakers are also keen on making films in  Marathi and Bollywood also respects Marathi cinema.

What are your forthcoming films in Hindi as well as Marathi?

I am eagerly awaiting the release of my Marathi film called Panchak which is being produced by Madhuri Dixit with me and Aditya Kothare in the lead and Jayant Jathar as the director.

Where do you see yourself as an actor in the next five years?

I do not know where exactly will I rule in the next five years, whether it is Marathi films or Hindi films but one thing I am very sure about and that is I want to remain in the hearts of the audiences, whether in Hindi or Marathi.