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Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Berlin – 7 wild travel destinations for women

For all the women who want to explore the wild side in themselves, we give you seven offbeat and wild travel destinations to visit



Photo only for representational purpose. Pic courtesy: Pixabay

Over the past few years, the travel industry has sprouted wings. With the world opening up, new countries and destinations being discovered, and prices going down, domestic as well as international travel has increased. In fact, apart from leisure, people are travelling across the world to explore new cultures, for adventure sports, for romance and much more. There’s also been a marked increase in solo travelling. Group tours, family outings and travelling with friends still dominate the sector, but solo travellers are on the rise. The other noticeable factor is the increase in the number of solo women travellers. Be it for work, leisure, sports, exploration, food or adventure, women have started taking a lot of trips alone over the past few years.

The sense of security, empowerment, as well as the change in societal attitudes have enabled many Indian women to travel freely across the world alone. So, in this March issue, we dedicate the travel section to solo women travellers, but with a twist. You may have dreamt of visiting Leh, Bali, Goa, Maldives, London, Paris and several other destinations for exploring or for leisure or taking pictures and posting them on your social media feeds. But if you want to explore the wild side in you, we give you seven offbeat locations for a walk on the wild side! Why should boys have all the fun? Why should a Hangover feature only men? Women too can explore their wild side and have a fun time, right? So, here’s where you can visit for a crazy adventure, a sexual rendezvous or even a spinster party!

#Las Vegas


Las Vegas. Pic courtesy: Pixabay

This definitely has to be number one on any girl’s list of crazy places to visit. All night parties, rocking night clubs, incredible casinos, hot male strippers, several varieties of alcohol and other recreation, what else do you want? You can splurge on yourself at the local spa and indulge in some fabulous cuisine all day long, and then meet some amazing men or women at late night parties and end up having breakfast with him/her (if you know what we mean). And as they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

# Ko Tao


Ko Tao. Pic courtesy: Pixabay

This tiny island in Thailand might seem unknown, but to all the wild and party-loving people, this is a one-stop destination for all revelry. A perfect wild party destination, you will totally love the late-night parties on the sandy beaches. In fact, you can have a smashing time here 24 x 7. And nudism is par for the course when the parties get wild and wanton. The island has seen past violence and was once termed dangerous, but all you women out there, we’ve been assured by several solo women travellers that it is quite safe, and they had a ball of a time when they visited the turquoise water beaches of Ko Tao!

# Gambia


Gambia. Pic courtesy: Pixabay

This West African nation has a rich heritage. While it might not be a luxe place to visit, it is really quite interesting. Women ‘sex tourists’ have been on the rise and Gambia is the number one hotspot for them! So, if you want to please yourself or realise your wildest carnal pleasures, this is the place to go. You can find partners of your choice, for love and money on the pristine beaches of the nation, with whom you can engage in any kind of sexual activity, even on the beach. The rich cultural heritage, some delicious cuisine, and the picturesque locales are added benefits.

# Berlin


Berlin. Pic courtesy: Pixabay

This German destination is very open-minded. Sex isn’t a private affair and fetishes are common and openly accepted in the city. You might spot people getting too cosy outdoors. But the society in the German capital doesn’t have an issue with it. And if you are looking to fool around, you can meet like-minded travellers or locals at a bar, or even party on the streets. Just go with the flow! So, what are you waiting for girls? Get out there and live your wildest dreams! Fly HIGH (literally) and take a walk on the wild side! The stay, the party scene, booze and travel will be all worth it. Trust us!

# Amsterdam


Amsterdam. Pic courtesy: Pixabay

Amsterdam is heaven for wild youngsters. Why? Well for one, most taboo issues for Indians are completely legal here. Think your wildest carnal and chemical fantasies, and Amsterdam is okay with any kind of experimentation. So, taking a walk on the wild side here will be quite a trip! Two, women travellers need not worry as it is a safe city. Apart from all the music and entertainment, there are a lot of unsaid and exciting aspects that you might want to discover and unravel on your own!

# Copenhagen


Copenhagen. Pic courtesy: Pixabay

This city with a very healthy attitude to sex, has also proven to be one of kinkiest ever. If you love BDSM or if you have fetishes that you wish to fulfill, this is the place to be at! Apart from selling the greatest number of kinky items and sex toys like whips, chains, handcuffs and other items, the city also holds the yearly international Kinky Copenhagen festival every October. The men and women in the country are free and wild. Being a sex-positive destination, you are guaranteed some crazy times in the land of ales and fairytales.

# Dominican Republic


Dominican Republic. Pic courtesy: Pixabay

If you are looking to engage in some adult shenanigans in the sunshine, the Dominican Republic is your destination! With sex professionals being hired by resorts for their guests, you could engage in some carnal fun in your hotel itself, all day all night. The Caribbean country has created a lot of memories for wild women. And we guess it is your time to break free and have some fun! Great alcohol and an insane party scene are added bonuses.

Disclaimer: We (Team CineBlitz and the author) do not support or endorse any kind of deviant sexual activity, professional sex, use of drugs or alcohol. This is a presentation of facts and we are just showing what happens and what you can indulge in. You as adults can make up your own minds, and face the consequences, if any! Everything pleasurable comes with its own set of risks.