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5 reasons why Amazon Prime Video’s Mane Number 13 is a must watch

We have 5 reasons that will have you sold to watch Mane No. 13 as soon as it is out!



Amazon Prime Video's Mane Number 13

Amazon Prime Video brings to you Mane No. 13, horror thriller to your home screens on November 26. A film, sure to keep you on the edge of your seats following a group of 5 best friends are stuck in a haunted palatial house with ghost souls and supernatural powers. Spine-chilling? Yes? The trailer itself got everyone mumbling with fear but the thriller element just keeps us hooked!

Talking about the film, we have 5 reasons that will have you sold to watch Mane No. 13 as soon as it is out!

1. Extreme Horror Quotient

Mane No. 13 is an out and out Horror thriller that will keep your heart racing and reaching out to the nearest cushion to cover your eyes with. The film shoot locations were situated in eerie settings of a town called Shimoga in Karnataka. The makers have tactically used a poultry farm, un-operational since years near to the palatial spooky house that added character to the film.

2. Assured twists and turns, every 10 minutes

The film is a powerhouse of twists and unexpected turns. The makers fleetingly mentioned in an interview that people will expect something and assume what happens next but those assumptions will only be falsified. The script is tightly written and that is what has made the trailer look so promising.

3. Amazon Prime Video’s yet another Kannada release

Amazon Prime Video is just flipping pages through its catalogue of direct to service films and Mane No. 13 is one upcoming page of the book. Previously, two films French Biryani and Bheemasena Nalamaharaja have been much loved and adored by the audience for unconventional storytelling and uniqueness of script that went on to become to widely successful Kannada hits. Marking a new wave for Kannada cinema, Mane No. 13 is soon to take the road to success after Bheemasena Nalamaharaja and French Biriyani, as we hear!

4. Team from different walks of life

The team behind Mane No. 13 is like pieces of a Jigsaw puzzle that have come together to paint a beautiful picture. This film is Vivy Kathiresan’s directorial debut, bringing a fresh vision he has culminated the story beautifully with a cast that is working together for the first time. Praveen is from Kerala, Sanjeev and Ramana from Chennai and Chetan walked in later, who belonged to Karnataka. Knowing each other they never spoke much as the film and story brought them closer. Diversity at its best, indeed!

5. Experimental Horror

Tumbbad and Gatham are two horror thriller that faired well and were received well by the audiences in the experimental horror genre. Strong acting and powerful visuals for both set the tone right for the film. Mane No. 13 is another experimental Horror like the two that will explore the success spree very soon.

The trailer of the film had crossed 1.7+ million views in just 24 hours and that speaks volumes of how the audiences are eagerly waiting in anticipation for the release. The film Mane No. 13 is all set to release exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on 26th November 2020.