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Adaa Khan on Ramzan: I believe in the power of prayers, Ramzan is special for me every year

The actor, known for TV shows such as Behenein, Amrit Manthan, Naagin, Khatron Ke Khiladi 10, reveals her plans.



Adaa Khan

The holy month of Ramzan has started, and Muslims all over the world are in celebratory mood. Adaa Khan too is fasting and praying. The actor, known for TV shows such as Behenein, Amrit Manthan, Naagin, Khatron Ke Khiladi 10, reveals her plans. She also talks about her life, likings and work.

“This is a month of purification, for a change I don’t have to shoot at the moment. I will be fasting and I believe in the power of prayers. Ramzan is special for me every year,” she smiles.

Adaa urges those who are fasting to eat right to stay safe during the summer heat. “One should eat fruits to keep themselves hydrated and drink coconut water and lemon juice and also butter milk,” she continues about the dos and don’ts during this time, “I follow routine and rituals, be disciplined, eat more fruits and eat timely and don’t miss your prayers.”

On television, she is a big name. And all the love that she gets from her audience inspires her to work harder. “Nothing is easy in life, one cannot take success and work for granted. One needs to constantly work hard, while maintaining work ethics. It is nice to be important but more important to be nice. One must focus on one’s priorities,” she states.

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She enjoys being an actor and adds, “As an actor you get to play different roles through different characters and also know people better and it is interesting to be a part of the entertainment industry, which is like one big happy family. The biggest advantage of being an actor is that acting never gets boring, you can play positive and negative roles.”

She has not changed much over the years. Ask her the secret and she says, “I believe in what I am. Neither my principles or work ethics, nor my friend circle has changed. One should be humble and count one’s blessings, be it personal or professional. I eat healthy and am a disciplined person. For me, commitment is very important.”

So what’s that one role that she wants to do in her career? “I want to do a period drama and would like to play the title role,” says the actor, who recently watched Top Gun Maverick and loved it.

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For someone like her who never thought of entering this profession to begin with, everything she has achieved on her own is amazing. “I was never inclined to modelling or being an actor. It happened by chance. So if not an actor I would have pursued my studies. I majored in psychology and would do something in that field,” shares Adaa, who is an avid traveller and takes as many long and short trips in a year as possible.

“Travelling is life to me, I can travel throughout the year. Norway is on my wishlist and I plan to go there soon,” she sounds excited.