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Ajay Devgn, Vicky Kaushal and Sunny Singh – What’s common among these three actors?

Find out the common factor linking them!



Action genres have been one of the all time favourite of the audience as the kicks, punches and various jumps keep our heartbeats racing and also give the audiences an edge of the seat thriller which is all the more exciting. Action sequences also have a lot in its own learning and bear a life-threatening yet heroic journey. Here’s a list of sons of action directors who are actors and we bet, you didn’t know.

Ajay Devgn – Ajay Devgn’s father Veeru Devgan was an Indian stuntman, action choreographer and film director in Bollywood. Ajay is most famous and has become synonymous with one of his most celebrated films Singham and comedy Golmaal which is an action comedy. Ajay being one of the most experienced actors has given a wide set of characters one loves and can relate to, differently.

Vicky Kaushal – Sham Kaushal was one of the very famous stunt men during his time and was loved for his body of work. Sham Kaushal has been an action director on many mega budget Bollywood productions over the years! Vicky, his son has delivered some of the most memorable films and characters with Raazi and URI : The surgical Strike. The actor has always been a part of the finest picks purely based out of the sheer talent he possesses.

Sunny Singh – Jai Singh Nijjar was one of the most loved stuntmen and action choreographers of his times. Even today, being in his 60s, Jai Singh is absolutely fit. His son Sunny Singh is very well known for making the audiences laugh and is also interested to make a biopic of life of a stuntman as he has seen their life very closely and would love to showcase the hardships and the rewards they receive out of their life-threatening jobs.

Another Bollywood celebrity whose father was a stuntman is filmmaker and anchor Rohit Shetty. He is the son of famous stuntman, fight composer and actor M B Shetty (on-screen, he was known as just Shetty). Rohit’s father can be seen in action scenes of 1970’s movies like Don and Trishul, fighting opposite Amitabh Bachchan!

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