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5 noteworthy performances on OTT in 2022

Here are the top 5 performances that blew our minds in 2022:



Babil Khan

OTT platforms offered some of the best content in 2022. The most talented actors gave us exceptional performances. Here are the top 5 performances that blew our minds in 2022:

Huma Qureshi: Monica O My Darling


Huma Qureshi, who portrays the titular protagonist, shines as Monica O My Darling’s villain and victim. She has received praise from both fans and critics all over the world. The actor gave a fantastic performance and was able to make the audience feel the raging passion in her character. Everyone is in awe of her and can’t stop applauding her for her daring wardrobe choices and sharp dialogue delivery in the movie.

Babil Khan – Qala



With his raw, resonant portrayal as Jagan, a gifted vocalist in the 1930s, Babil Khan has captured the attention of critics and audiences. His delicate, assured, and genuine portrayal of a musician’s tragic journey in Qala has touched hearts. And as a result, he’s being hailed as one of the most promising talents to have entered the film industry this year.

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Vijay Varma – Darlings


Without a doubt, Vijay Varma is this year’s standout talent who has captured hearts for his hateful performance as the alcoholic domestic abuser Hamza in Darlings. Vijay has won hearts with his outstanding performance, winning us all over with a strong narrative and compelling storyline that kept us all riveted until the very end.

Vidya Balan – Jalsa


Powerhouse performer Vidya Balan has masterfully acted out the gripping tale of Jalsa. As Maya Menon, Vidya once again astounded the audience with her portrayal of a fearless, daring, and courageous journalist. The actor was able to fully immerse us in the narrative by effectively transporting it from the screen to our imaginations.

Tillotama Shome – Delhi Crime season 2


The presence of Tillotama Shome in the gripping plot of Delhi Crime season 2 has totally stolen the show. Her multi-layered acting has actually demonstrated how hard she worked and how committed she was to be playing her character, and it has compelled audiences to think deeply about what she had to say.