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5 reasons to binge-watch Lionsgate Play’s Gaslit starring Julia Roberts and Sean Penn

Written by Sam Esmail, Robbie Pickering, Leon Neyfakh and directed by Matt Ross, Gaslit Premiers on 25th April exclusively on Lionsgate Play



Gaslit starring Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts and Sean Penn-starrer Gaslit, a modern-day take on the controversial Watergate scandal, will stream exclusively on Lionsgate Play from 25th April 2022. Directed by Matt Ross and is the much-anticipated thriller that revolves around several untold stories, including Nixon’s bumbling, the opportunistic subordinates, deranged zealots, and the whistle-blowers during that era. With Watergate serving as a compelling backdrop, Gaslit is the first and foremost story about complicity and how it ruins people, destroys relationships, and breaks apart marriages.

Based on actual events – A fresh take on the Watergate Scandal

A modern take on the Watergate Scandal, Gaslit explores the events through a long-neglected lens of the lesser-known players involved in the downfall of America’s 37th President. The series explores human nature and the motivations that drive us while also bringing new light to the ancillary characters in the scandal who had everything to do with what happened but who fell by the wayside in the scandal’s media coverage and how it was recorded in our history.

Enthralling Storyline

Full of humor, heart, darkness, Gaslit will build intrigue with its gripping storyline and will propel the audience to watch the story whether they think they know everything – or nothing – about the Watergate scandal.

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Ensemble of finest actors

The show brings to light an ensemble of one of finest talents that include Sean Penn as John Mitchell, Shea Whigham as G. Gordon Liddy, Darby Camp as the Mitchells’ daughter Marty, Hamish Linklater as Jeb Magruder, John Mitchell’s right-hand man, Chris Messina as FBI Agent Angelo Lano, Allison Tolman as DC journalist Winnie McLendon, Chris Bauer as the Mitchells’ head of security, James McCord.

Julia Robert’s portrayal of Martha

Gaslit highlights the unsung stories from the Watergate Scandal. With prosthetics, Julia Roberts’ transformation as Martha Mitchell has caught everyone’s attention. Her spectacular performance shines through the series and creates a balance of multifaceted Martha, and she breathes life into Martha’s outrageous and heartbreaking story.

Recreating The World of Gaslit

If you want to know the world that existed in America in the seventies, Gaslit should be your go-to movie this Monday! With exceptional cinematography and mind-blowing production design, Gaslit will be able to create authenticity and certainly hit the fabulous fashion high notes of the decade, most strikingly through the character of Martha Mitchell. The costume team sourced thousands of vintage costumes constructed hundreds more and picked up actual pieces from the seventies.