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Martyr’s Day 2023: Delve into the Rich History of the Indian Freedom Struggle with These Audiobooks on Audible

After all, what better way for us to honour their memories and uphold their values than equipping ourselves with their stories and struggles?



Martyr’s Day 2023

This Martyr’s Day, as India pays homage to our extraordinary revolutionaries on 23rd March, here’s an opportunity for us to enrich our knowledge about our valiant heroes and their fight for freedom. Listen to these seven audiobooks and podcasts on Audible that are packed with some never-heard-before information about India’s freedom struggle, independence movements, the lives of our freedom fighters, and their must-read autobiographies. After all, what better way for us to honour their memories and uphold their values than equipping ourselves with their stories and struggles?

The Story of My Experiments with Truth: An Autobiography

Written by: M. K. Gandhi; Narrated by: Sagar Arya


In this audiobook narrated by Sagar Arya, Gandhi offers his life story as a reference for those who would follow in his footsteps. Mahatma Gandhi’s nonviolent struggles against racism, violence, and colonialism in South Africa and India had brought him to such a level of admiration and adulation that when asked to write an autobiography midway through his career, he took it as an opportunity to explain himself. Worth a listen if you want to know more about Gandhi’s life, his early days, and the principles he lived by!

India’s Most Fearless 3

Written by: Shiv Aroor and Rahul Singh; Narrated by: Shiv Aroor


Experience the gripping and emotional stories of soldiers who went above and beyond the call of duty to save their people and the nation. Comprising ten true stories extraordinary courage and fearlessness, the audiobook provides a firsthand account of the incident through the soldiers or those who were with them in their final moments. Tune in to listen to this audiobook on Audible and get inspired by the heroic acts of Indian soldiers and their incredible bravery in the face of extreme adversity.

Why I Am an Atheist and Other Works

Written by: Bhagat Singh; Narrated by: Siddhanta Pinto


Bhagat Singh was one of the revolutionaries who brought about a shift in the way people perceived freedom. He fought extensively for rights of his own, his comrades, and his countrymen. The audiobook delves into how a simple conversation with a friend led to a discourse by Bhagat Singh on why he chose to be an atheist. It comprises 18 of his valued writings about his life inside and outside the prison and is a must-listen for those interested in understanding the wisdom and courage possessed  by a young man fighting for his nation.

Without Fear

Written by: Kuldip Nayar; Narrated by: Yohan Chacko


Executed by the British after a sham trial for his involvement in the Lahore conspiracy case at the age of 23, Without Fear commemorates the hundredth birth anniversary of Bhagat Singh wherein Kuldip Nayar throws light on Bhagat Singh’s beliefs, intellectual learnings, and his despair. This led him to be glorified by Indians as a martyr for his youth, his defiance, and his reckless bravery. Listen to the audiobook on Audible this Martyr’s Day to know more about why Bhagat Singh was not just a hot-headed revolutionary, but an intellectual who wanted the betterment of Indian society.

Gumnaam Shaheed S1: Madan Lal Dhingra

Written by Manish Kumar, Hind Yugm; Narrated by Atul Arya


Season 1 of this audio series brings to life the story of Sunita Dhanraj, who runs an NGO named Shaheed Swabhimaan Manch. With her NGO, Sunita embarks on a journey to honor the Shaheed who laid their life for the freedom of India. In the quest for unanswered questions, she discovers another shaheed who India forgot. Who is Shaheed and will Sunita be able to know more about him? Listen to the series on Audible this Martyr’s Day to know more.

Bose: The Untold Story (Part 1) & Bose: The Untold Story (Part 2)

Written by: Chandrachur Ghose; Narrated by: Dev J. Haldar


Bose: The Untold Story – Part 1 and Part 2 are indeed thought-provoking and riveting accounts of unknown stories about Bose. Bose: The Untold Story sheds light on his tumultuous political activities surrounding revolutionary groups in Bengal, Punjab, Maharashtra, and the United Provinces, his relentless efforts to bridge the increasing communal divide, the influence he exercised over the country’s political landscape, and more. This intriguing audiobook unfolds the lesser-known facts about Bose and his single-minded focus on freeing the motherland and envisioning its development in a new era.

Yoddha S1 and  S2

Written by Neelesh Misra(S1) Anulata Raj Nair (S2); Narrated by Neelesh Misra


Both the seasons of Yoddha honor the Indian Armed Forces’ gallantry. It documents the soldiers’ unwavering sense of duty as they face insurmountable challenges. The tales also depict their private lives, acts of sacrifice, and the bravery of their relatives. So, get ready to witness the stories based on real-life defense personnel and paint yourself in the colours of the tiranga.