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Scoop! Simran Sethi steps down from her post as Director Creative at Netflix? Find out why!

Simran Sethi joined the Netflix Family in 2017 as a Creative Executive for India

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Simran Sethi, Director Creative at Netflix

Netflix is soaring high with success and its reach in India has also grown really big since it was first introduced in India in 2016. All thanks to Simran Sethi, who quit as SVP of Scripted Development at Freeform, and joined as a Creative Executive for India. Very soon she got promoted to the post of Director Creative, International Originals, and there was a swift boom in Netflix’s originals in India. But it looks like Simran Sethi is ready to move on and walk a different path now.

Yes, CineBlitz has exclusively learned that the boss lady has stepped down from her post as Director Creative, International Originals. A source close to the development said, ” She has decided to move on. She has worked for almost twenty months, which is less than two years, but has brought a lot of impact and scale to the business. She worked on big titles but will now step down from the post.” The source went on to point out the reason behind her exit and said that the role required Simran to be in India, and because she probably wasn’t very keen on shifting here, she stepped down from the post. Besides that, with the growing want of more original content in India, the team in India had to be managed, which would again have required Simran to come down to the country and deal with people directly. Well, this sure is sad news as she was a force to reckon and took Netflix India to great levels of success.

She has green-lit projects like Ghoul, Selection Day, Bard of Blood, and Baahubali to name a few. Simran also held coveted posts at NBC, Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions and Sony Pictures Television before Netflix. Stay tuned to CineBlitz for more such updates and news.

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Team Fixerr to meet Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis today regarding the brutal attack they faced

Soham Shah, Mahie Gill and Team Fixerr were shocked when four goons entered their set and attacked them on June 19

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Team Fixerr and Devendra Fadnavis

Soham Shah, Mahie Gill and team Fixerr were attacked by four notorious goons on June 19. The team of the ALTBalaji web-series was shooting its climax sequence in a private property located between Mira Road and Thane. While the morning shoot went smoothly, in the afternoon four goons entered and attacked the unit members. They broke the equipment and vanity vans and cleared out the whole set. Soham Shah was injured and his DoP also got six stitches. This has left the team reeling! And so, they plan to meet Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis with regards to the attack. In fact, they have even got an appointment for today morning (June 20) and we can’t wait to know what follows.

While talking about the attack and situation, Fixerr producer Sakett Saawhney seemed annoyed. As he mentioned, “I go to Mira Road with a unit of 100 people to shoot the climax of a webseries on a rainy day and this happens. Four men with iron rods just enter my sets and try to kill me! Are we in Jammu and Kashmir or a naxalite area that this happens? We are stepping out of the house to earn our bread and butter, that too in these rains. And these people just walk in and kill us? My director, Soham Shah, almost had a convulsion. He was hit on the back and he blacked out. My DoP got six stitches. If anyone would have died, what would we do?”

Check out the video explaining their attack right here:

Talking about the way forward, Sakett Saawhney told us about their scheduled meeting with the CM. As he added, “Ashoke Pandit, Federation of Western India Cine Employees, the Producers Association and everyone has come out and supported us. The police has also taken cognizance of the matter and are investigating it now. They are also now under pressure from the public. We are also meeting the CM, Devendra Fadnavis at the Vidhan Bhavan today (June 20). We have a meeting at 10.45 am. If he has agreed to meet us at such short notice that means he’s taken cognizance of the incident. Let’s see what happens now!”

But why didn’t they file a police complaint? Sakett Saawhney reveals, “We took a conscious decision of not filing a complaint. If we go to the cops, at the best, the culprits will be arrested and they will be out on bail tomorrow. For the next 5 – 6 years, we will be going to these court hearing at any random hour. Every time we will have to fly out for an outdoor shoot, we will have to submit our passports and ask for permission. We will be treated as those culprits. So we decided not to file a complaint, but put out this video. And with the help of a few guys and all of you, the video has gone viral and it has been noticed. ”

What do you guys think about these revelations? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below! Also stay tuned to CineBlitz for more news and development with regards to this controversy around Fixerr right here.

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Why were Mahie Gill, Soham Shah and team Fixerr attacked by four goons? Find out the real reason!

ALTBalaji’s Fixerr was being shot in Thane on June 19 when four goons broke into the sets and assaulted the team. But what was their motive? Read exclusive details!

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Team Fixerr after the attack. Pic courtesy: Instagram

We exclusively revealed to you how Soham Shah, Mahie Gill and team Fixerr were attacked by four goons on June 19. The ALTBalaji show was being shot in Thane, when the hooligans broke into the sets and ransacked their equipment. They even hit the team, so much so that the DoP had to get stitches and director Soham Shah had to consult a doctor. But why were they attacked? While things are still being ascertained, the director has shed some more light on the incident.

Talking to us exclusively, Soham Shah made a shocking revelation. He said, “This is what we’ve understood till now. There are two coordinators at the private property that we had booked, two location manager as we call them. There is this guy called Ranveer and there is another guy called Krishna and they used to work together earlier. Our production team had struck a deal with Ranveer and we had made all the payments and taken all the permissions from him as well as the police. We were shooting very peacefully, but then the attack happened. We now came to know that Krishna is actually his (Ranveer) rival. To show his power and monopoly, they attacked us. There saying is that if you want to shoot in Mira Road, Bhayander or Thane, you cannot do it without us. Pure hooligan mannerism!”

Well, if this is the case, every producer and artiste will be worried. Tomorrow anyone can be attacked! Our initial report about the attack and the fact that the police was allegedly favouring the goons had an impact too. The police has taken cognisance of the matter now and will investigate it further. In the meantime, stay tuned to CineBlitz for more exclusive Bollywood news, updates and gossip right here.

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While Hrithik Roshan is mum on Sunaina Roshan and Kangana Ranaut’s allegations, ex-wife Sussanne Khan finally speaks up!

Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife Sussanne Khan shared a post regarding Sunaina Roshan and her family’s condition – deets inside

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Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan. Pic courtesy: Instagram

Hrithik Roshan’s sister Sunaina Roshan has been in the news since the past few days now. First because of fake reports of her ill health. And then, her allegations that her family has been harassing her. Yes, Sunaina had mentioned to a few publications and even tweeted how she is living in hell. She has allegedly been put on house arrest too. During the time, Kangana Ranaut opened up about how Sunaina has been a friend, but she doesn’t want to get into this controversy. Last night, Sunaina extended her support to Kangana and the actress’ sister, Rangoli Chandel, then tweeted out details of how the Roshans were allegedly torturing Sunaina. While Hrithik is mum about all the allegations, the actor’s ex-wife Sussanne Khan has spoken out.

In an Instagram post, she wrote, “As a part of my experience with all concerned and in my life span of being a part of this close knit family, I know Sunaina, to be an extremely loving warm, caring person, who is in an unfortunate situation. Sunaina’s father is undergoing a major health crisis. Her mother is herself vulnerable to say the least. Please respect a family’s tough period, each family goes through such times. I needed to say this as someone who has been a part of this family for long.” Check out her post right here:

Clearly, she did not react to the allegations. But she did shed some light on the family as well as Sunaina’s condition. We wonder if Hrithik Roshan will issue a statement or speak up about the matter too! Meanwhile, what do you guys think about this development? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below. Also stay tuned to CineBlitz for more Bollywood news, updates and gossip right here.

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