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The new avatar of Jimmy Shergill will be seen in Aazam

The film, starring Jimmy Shergill in the lead role, will be released in theaters across the country on May 19.



Jimmy Shergill in Aazam

A new and unseen style of actor Jimmy Shergill will be seen in the explosive film ‘Azam’, which will reveal the layers of the crime world. Jimmy Shergill’s look impresses a lot in the film Apart from Jimmy Shergill, Abhimanyu Singh and Indraneil Sengupta will also be seen in important roles. A BMX Motion Pictures Pvt Ltd and DBX Motion Films LLP presentation ‘Azam’ exposes the dark side of the Mumbai underworld and dives deep into the underworld to show the ruthless faces of the mafia. Directed by Shravan Tiwari and T.B. Produced by Patel, ‘Azam’ will also feature Vivek Ghamande, Govind Namdev, Raza Murad, Sayaji Rao Shinde, Ali Khan, Anang Desai, Shishir Sharma, Sanjeev Tyagi and Mushtaq Khan in strong roles.

The recently released motion poster of ‘Azam’ gives a sneak peek into the dark underworld filled with action, suspense and thrill. People who are fond of watching crime thriller films will definitely like ‘Azam’. A lot of enthusiasm is being seen among the people regarding the film.

Regarding his character in the film ‘Azam’, Jimmy Shergill says, “In the film, I am playing the role of Javed, who is closest to the most powerful don of the city, Nawab Khan. Will get. I had a lot of fun projecting the mindset and mood of this character on screen.”

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Azam director Shravan Tiwari says, “I have made this film with utmost passion and it is the most ambitious film of my life. I am very excited to present a powerful story in an exciting way. Along with the world of crime, there will also be a glimpse of mystery and adventure. We have worked hard to make this film which will fill the audience with thrill.

‘Azam’, which is going to release in theaters across the country on May 19, 2022, is a film full of mystery and thrill that will keep you hooked till the end. The film is set against the backdrop of a succession war left behind by Nawab Khan, a mafia don who controls the city through his five henchmen and instills fear among the people.

It is shown in the film that Nawab’s son Qader is the rightful heir of his father’s business, but he plans to eliminate all his father’s associates one by one at the behest of his henchman Javed. But this plan of Qadar proves to be unsuccessful as his gang members are working on their own plan regarding the gang war. Amidst all this, DCP Joshi of the city makes all kinds of efforts to stop the gang war in the city.

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The music of the film is given by Durga Nataraj, while the lyrics of the film are written by Nawab Arzoo. The background song of the film is given by Karan Kunal and the action director of the film is Neeraj Mishra. Ranjit Sahu has done the responsibility of cinematography of the film, while the editing and screenplay credit of the film goes to Shravan Tiwari. While the costume designer is Monika Srivastava, the production head is Vishal Mall.

Significantly, ‘Azam’ is going to prove to be such a cinematic experience for the audience which the audience will always remember. The film, starring Jimmy Shergill in the lead role, will be released in theaters across the country on May 19. You too must watch the film by going to your nearest cinema hall.