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Shubh Ratri review : Tacky to the Core

killing one by one all including the boy friend and the cop who refuses to investigate forms the crux of the plot which fails to make sense.



Rahul Prajapati,Karnika Mandal

Shubh Ratri

Producer-Director- Rahul Prajapati

Star Cast-Karnika Mandal , Rahul Kumar , Mehul Bhojak , Shahid Malya, Rajkumar  Kanojia , Javed Hyder , Anita Agarwal , Apurva Kavde and Rahul Prajapati

Genre- Social

Mode of Release- Theatrical

Rating- **                                                                                                                             

Tacky to the Core

By Jyothi  Venkatesh

Though the writer Rajan Agarwal has set out to pen a story in tribute to women empowerment, the net effect result of the film is exactly the opposite since the regressive plot tends to do more harm to women. The plot of the tacky film revolves around a young and modern girl who is raped by her own boyfriend Aditya (Mehul Bhojak) and blackmailed to sleep with several clients or give him a fat amount in lieu of that. How the elder sister Rajlakshmi (Karnika Mandal) of the victim who is killed decides to take revenge by killing one by one all including the boy friend and the cop who refuses to investigate forms the crux of the plot which fails to make sense.

In order to incorporate masala ingredients to woo the audiences, the director laces the film with not only titillating item numbers as well as ‘filler’ ingredients involving the servants of the house (played by Javed Hyder and Lallan (Rajkumar Kanojia) and their girl friend Geeta (Apoorva Kave) who pretends to be a ghost, though the track has nothing to do with linking the main plot but only ends up irritating the audiences more than entertaining them

As far as the performances are concerned, mention ought to be made of the popular playback singer turned actor Shahid Mallya who makes his debut as Rajeev, a friend of the leading man though he has not at all been given a prominent part in the film. Mehul Bhojak plays the main role of the antagonist who blackmails his beautiful victim by threatening to make their Video MMS viral, though he apes the late Rajesh Khanna a lot throughout the film.

Mercifully, the producer cum director (Rahul Prajapati) who also plays one of the parts of the sidekick in the film renders his role in the style of a robot and fails to emote or even lend a touch of humor. Karnika Mandal is good as far as her expressions are concerned and makes a good debut as a leading lady though she should shed her excess weight if she wants to make acting her career while, the less said about the mindless direction by Rahul Prajapati, Vaishnav Deva’s music is catchy though the film which is tacky and unappealing fails to catch your eyes and succeeds in only making you squirm in your seat all the time wondering when on earth is the film going to screech to a final halt

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