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The Lost Girl Review: Heart-tugging!

The film directed by Aditya Ranolia has released in cinemas.



The Lost Girl


Producer-Director- Aditya Ranolia

Cast- Prachi Bansal, Bhupesh Singh, Aronica Ranolia, Raveesh Singh, Raman Nassa and Poonam Jangra

Platform of Release- Theatrical


By Jyothi Venkatesh

The film The Lost Girl is based on a touching real life incident, when loveable Suhani, a 5-year-old tiny tot gets separated from her family consisting of her parents as well as elder brother who are killed in a gory accident amidst the chaos in the aftermath of the 1984 Brutal Sikh riots in Delhi.

The film is dedicated to all orphaned children who lose their families in such brutal riots and are left alone in the world.

Stranded in an unfamiliar perilous world, she sets out to survive with strangers and endures unimaginable hardships for 15 years but refuses to surrender to despair, though memories haunt her until she escapes, embarking on a journey to find her true identity and family.

Though the film is heart tugging in parts, it is debatable whether audiences will be interested in sitting through a film which sets out to recall their horrible trauma, though the way the director has set out to tackle the film is interesting as he has not resorted to any kind of melodrama.

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As far as performances are concerned, I’d say that Prachi Bansal, who is playing the title role of Sita in the ongoing mythological serial Srimad Ramayan on Sony TV, stands out as an actress who has a lot of flair to get into her character effortlessly and endear herself to the audiences while Bhupesh Singh who has been earlier seen in various films in smaller character roles proves that if he is cat in major roles can easily shoulder the responsibility to as large extent.

Raman Nassa who was earlier seen in Aamir Khan’s film Dangal in an interesting character shine in a negative role in the film and is able to win hearts as an antagonist whereas Raveesh Singh fits the part of the protagonist Suhani’s supportive husband who is ready to go to any possible extent to see to it that his wife is able to attain her goal.

Kudos to writer-director Aditya Ranolia who has also produced an offbeat taut and heart-tugging film, like The Lost Girl with new talents instead of going in for well-known faces to attract the crowds and still managed to hold the audiences without going overboard in his pursuit.

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