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Birthday boy Aamir Khan can ace any genre of film – here’s proof!

Check out 5 times that Aamir Khan rocked the different genres

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Aamir khan rocking genres

Today marks the 54th birthday of Aamir Khan, an actor who has contributed to the Indian cinema in more than one way. He thrives on perfection and on his birthday today, we wish him much happiness. Taking a look at his incredible journey so far, he’s an actor who began acting at the age of 8! You read it right. Since then, Aamir has sailed his ship through almost all the genres possible. And as we celebrate the birthday of Mr Perfectionist, here’s taking a look at the genres that he’s rocked and how


Aamir khan rocking genres 2

Raise your hand if Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander (JJWS) aren’t your guilty pleasures and you can resist Aamir in them. Because we definitely can’t! Aamir has been the romantic hero for a generation in Bollywood. Those dreamy eyes looking at Sonali Bendre in Sarfarosh or Aamir lip-synching Pehla Nasha amidst the pine trees are embossed in our memories. There was a time when Aamir was ruling this genre with back-to-back hits including Raja Hindustani.


Aamir khan rocking genres 1

If you are a typical Bollywood fan, than our hearts might have said it together, Andaz Apna Apna. It is said that comedy out of all is the most difficult genre and we must say Aamir has excelled in this as well. His banter with Salman Khan in AAA is something we can watch on loop. Last year the actor proved that time and a number of serious films have not taken away his art of making people laugh. His character in the film Secret Superstar was everything the he isn’t. Tacky clothes, coloured hair, and that weird attitude had us laughing. Other memorable comic roles include Rangeela and Ishq.


Aamir khan rocking genres 3

As we said earlier, Aamir knows his social duties more than anyone else and he has proved it by acting and producing films that talk about an issue or a problem that affects us directly or indirectly. Taare Zameen Par where he touched the taboo subject around special kids or 3 Idiots where he addressed peer pressure and made us feel AALLL IS WELL! He is our rockstar. Even as a producer, he has been creating content like Dhobi Ghat and the recent one Rubaru Roshni which talks about many issues and enlightens us in many ways.


Aamir khan rocking genres 4

Well let’s not forget Aamir has an Oscar-nominated film to his credit, Lagaan was a film that went ahead and made many records. It is one of the most remarkable films of his career. Talking about period films he mainly has three to his credit, Mangal PandeyLagaan and Thugs of Hindostaan.


Aamir khan rocking genres 5

Kalpana was killed. We all remember the tattoo and a roaring Aamir on whose chest it was tattooed. Transforming himself completely in what he is not – physically as well as mentally in Ghajini was commendable. Aamir made the impossible possible in the times when none even thought about it. InDhoom 3 he played a circus artist with as much ease and perfection.

Which of these is your favourite Aamir Khan film? Let us know in the comments section below.


Rohit Shetty, Karan Johar, Imtiaz Ali have a fixation of shooting at these locations

After seeing Rohit Shetty shooting for Sooryavanshi in Goa, we bring to you 5 directors and their favourite shooting locations

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Directors and their favourite locations in Bollywood
Rohit Shetty, Karan Johar, Imtiaz Ali have a fixation of shooting at these locations

Director Rohit Shetty is in Goa working on his next film with Akshay Kumar titled Sooryavanshi. After the massive success of Simmba, Rohit has jumped into the preparations for this new cop drama. And let us tell you, Goa is Rohit’s favourite spot to shoot if you have noticed, a majority of his films are based there. From tossing cars in the air to showing amazing beaches and vibrant streets seem to be the directors pick. Filmmaking is a process that involves many things of which location is the most important aspect. To contribute to the film’s right tone, location matter a lot and many directors in Bollywood have their unique obsession with a few locations, check out five favourite ones here:

Rohit Shetty – Goa

Rohit Shetty on the sets of Dilwale

The comedy franchise Golmaal, the rom-com Dilwale, both instalments of the action drama Singham, Rohit Shetty has taken the risk to set all his films in Goa. And the plus point is, the director makes it visually appealing every time. Known for flying cars and vibrant setups Rohit is one of the few directors who makes the no harm action-packed dramas in the current slot.

Imtiaz Ali – Snow-clad North

Imtiaz Ali on the sets of Highway

Be it Jab We MetLaila Majnu, Highway or even Rockstar, most of these films have been set in snow clad regions. Director Imtiaz Ali seems to have a special affection with the snowy hills. This director has shown us amazing locations in his films which have only left us in admiration. Apart from our love for Imtiaz’s storytelling we also love how he makes us explore the world through his lens.

Karan Johar – London, New York

Karan johar on the sets

Known to make films based on NRI’s, Karan Johar and his love triangles have travelled throughout London and New York. Remember the beautiful song sequence Karan Johar gave us in Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna with Rani Mukherjee and Shah Rukh Khan romancing on the New York streets? His film Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham had an Indian family getting settled in foreign and even his last directorial Aae Dil Hai Mushkil was set in London, which proves how international locations are KJo’s favourite.

Madhur Bhandarkar – Mumbai

Madhur Bhandarkar on the sets of heroine

Realistic filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar has always managed to capture the natural essence of Mumbai in his heart-wrenching stories.  From exploring the dark side of the city Traffic Signal to capturing the city’s glamorous slice in Fashion, Bhandarkar has always shot his films in Mumbai. Some of his other amazing works are Heroine, Chandni Bar, etc.

Zoya Akhtar- Europe

Zoya Akhtar on the sets of Dil Dhadakne Do

Ever since you saw three friends head out on a trip in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, haven’t you dreamt of having one such vacation? Well, if Zoya Akhtar has tempted you to go on a cruise like the Dil Dhadakne Do cast, then let us tell you for both Imtiaz and Zoya world is their canvas. In fact, let us tell you that shooting for a Zoya Akhtar film is one fancy outing the actors get, but that is what is the beauty of this filmmaker.

Tell us which from the above is your favourite filmmaker? Comment in the section below. Also, stay tuned to CineBlitz for amazing Bollywood updates.

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International Women’s Day! Piku, Bandit Queen, Raazi – 7 powerful female characters of Bollywood

International Women’s Day: Deepika Padukone from Piku, Vidya Balan from Begum Jaan and Alia Bhatt from Raazi – here’s our tribute to all the inspiring female characters that Bollywood gave us

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‘A strong-minded woman is a different animal,’ said Meryl Streep. And time and again, the women working in the film industry have proved what one can achieve with hard work, persistence, and caliber. Indian cinema has come a long way from not allowing women to act in films to now, women getting appreciation all over the globe for what they bring to the table. Specifically, Hindi cinema has been a highly male-dominated milieu. While our film industry is still majorly run by men, a few rays of hope have emerged in the form of female-led films that have given us some inspiring women characters to root for. We salute all the actresses, directors and most importantly, the writers for writing and creating characters that aren’t damsels in distress but saviors who know how to protect themselves. Today, we at Cine Blitz, celebrate Women’s Day and revisit the female characters that were not just strong and fiery, but have inspired a generation of women to live lives on their own terms.

Phoolan Devi aka Bandit Queen (Bandit Queen):

bollywood inspiration women charaters 1
Yes, she was a bandit, a dacoit and some may even brand her as a criminal. But what led her to become a rebel was far more brutal that one could ever imagine. The film showed one of the boldest avatars of women ever portrayed on the celluloid. Though you are not supposed to be inspired by a bandit, the film taught every woman that if you decide to step up and claim what’s yours, no one can pull you down.

Shivani Shivaji Roy (Mardaani):

bollywood inspiration women charaters 2
First of all, let’s take a moment and appreciate Rani Mukherjee for playing strong parts right from her very first film and not just being a dainty wallflower. Shivani was a cop that every police department needs to have. She stood against the evil and busted a horrible human-trafficking racket. Shivani will always be etched in our minds as a synonym for bravery.

Piku (Piku):

bollywood inspiration women charaters 3
Piku is all of us but on the big screen. Regardless of gender, many of us could see ourselves in the way Deepika Padukone played Piku. Her father lived in his own world and Piku accepted it and being a part of it so that he doesn’t feel alone. In a quiet, unassuming way, Piku showed us that she was the head of the family. She made her baba the centre of her world and shaped her life accordingly. Yes, she had flaws. But are we even humans if we have no flaws. Piku is one of the most humane characters to have ever depicted in Hindi cinema.

Sehmat (Raazi):

bollywood inspiration women charaters 5
Watan ke aage kuch nahi, khud bhi nahi.
She put her life, her family and everything at stake for the sake of our nation. Sehmat had to make numerous sacrifices at each step and she did that for the love for her country. Her marriage was a part of a covert mission, but she never complained. She saw her husband die in front of her but she was helpless, as duty comes first. How can a lady, who saved our navy men from a deadly attack, not be our inspiration? Sehmat will always have a special place in our hearts.

Abha Mathur (Jai Gangaajal):

bollywood inspiration women charaters 3
Abha Mathur was everything that a male super cop has been in Hindi films over the years. It was refreshing to see a female role written with the same swagger and style reserved for a male star. Breaking the stereotype of a male cop stuck in a corrupt village set up, Abha turned the table around and showed us that there is nothing she can’t do that a guy can do. Coming from the director Prakash Jha, known for creating gritty heroes, we are happy that he sketched an equally heroic part for a woman as well.

Begum Jaan (Begum Jaan):

bollywood inspiration women charaters 6
It wasn’t just the division of India into two countries but it was also her house that was being divided. Though Begum Jaan was the head of a brothel, she was voicing the sentiments of a huge population of people and what they felt when their lives were suddenly devastated during the partition. Begum Jaan and her girls walking into the fire and not dying in the hands of enemies was a victory in itself.

Aisha Sangha (Dil Dhadakne Do):

bollywood inspiration women charaters 7
What problems do rich people have? Who can stop a rich woman from doing anything she wants? PATRIARCHY. When Aisha told her in-laws and parents that she is unhappy in her marriage and wants divorce, their reply was baccha paida karlo, thik ho jaega. But kudos to Aisha for not becoming another victim of patriarchy. She freed herself from the metaphorical cage that society had put her in. Aisha, you win girl!
For more stories from the B-town, stay tuned to CineBlitz!

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Sridevi death anniversary: Sadma, Chandni, English Vinglish – 5 movies and roles the actress made iconic

Sridevi passed away last year due accidental drowning on February 24

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5 iconic roles of Sridevi

Me khwabon ki shehezadi, main hoon har dil pe chahyi” perfectly defines the late Sridevi’s film career. The Hawa Hawai girl ruled our hearts for a very long time and left us for her journey to the next world on this very day, last year. Sridevi, the epitome of beauty, grace, poise and elegance in Bollywood, had made her mark with her immense contribution to Indian Cinema since she was a child. The actress in true sense gave her life to films. Whether it was her sizzling moves in Mr.India or her role of an aspiring lady struggling hard to learn English in Gauri Shinde’s English Vinglish, the B-town diva made us believe in the magical world she created each time and wowed us with her performances. Today, on the eve of her first death anniversary, let’s talk about some iconic roles that Sridevi had portrayed and will always remain in our hearts .

Nehalata (Sadma):

Talk about her acting caliber and the very first character that will always come to our collective minds is that of Nehalata from the beautiful film Sadma. Sridevi played an autistic lady in the film who regresses into a childlike behaviour after an accident and lands up into brothel to be saved by Kamal Haasan. The dynamic that both of them share and the heart breaking end is the highlight of film. If you are one who hasn’t seen Sadma as yet, then it’s better you do, because it is worth every minute.

Anju and Manju (ChaalBaaz)

Do you remember the song, Na Jane Kaha Se Aai Hain and Sridevi dancing on it wearing a raincoat? Well, that popular number is from ChaalBaaz. Those were the days when doing a film with double roles was considered to be a milestone in an actor’s career. In Chaalbaaz, she played the roles of Anju and Manju, two twin sisters who separated at birth. One grows up to be a shy, high valued girl whereas the other one is a complete badass. Sridevi shined in both the parts and claimed her place as the hero of the film.

Chandni (Chandni):

This was the time when films were majorly dominated by men, well, let’s just accept they still do. Sridevi in an as Chandni made us fall in love with her all over again. Twirling around singing and dancing with Rishi Kapoor on those snow clad mountains is a guilty Bollywood pleasure of many. Turning out to be one of the biggest hits of late Yash Chopra, Chandni was as love triangle that completely belonged to Sridevi courtesy her chirpy, loving portrayal as the female lead. She became a fashion icon with this film as well and her all the Chandi looks are still pretty famous.

Pallavi and Pooja (Lamhe)

Listed amongst the top 100 Bollywood romantic movies at many places, Lamhe added one more film with a double role to Sridevi’s kitty. This time she played a double role with a vast age gap. She played a girl growing up to look just like her mother. So basically she played both mother and daughter onscreen. Sridevi dancing on Morni Baga Ma dolled up in a traditional Rajasthani will always remain a visual delight. Her pairing with Anil Kapoor was a loved, making Lamhe worth watching though back then the story of the film was ahead of its time .

Shashi (English Vinglish):

Let’s just put it out this way, in director Gauri Shinde’s English Vinglish, Sridevi voiced those number of ladies embarrassed each day because they lack in some counter. Shashi asking for not too much but some respect from her husband and kids was heartbreaking, but her journey in earning that respect gave thousand others motivation. Gauri’s slice of life film marked Sridevi’s come back on the big screen after a long time. And she made a point that no matter how long the break was, her craft was still intact and no one can ever replace her. We lost a legend last year. She will always be alive between us through her films.

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