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Game of Thrones: Did you know Elisabeth Olsen had also auditioned for Khaleesi’s role in GoT?

Elisabeth Olsen reveals how her audition for Game of Thrones was the most awkward audition of her life!



Elisabeth Olsen

Game of Thrones has finally come to a closure but the show will stay with the fans forever. The show is celebrated for its characters and one of the most loved is Khaleesi. While Emilia Clarke has excelled in her part as the Dragon Mother, she wasn’t the only one who had auditioned for the part. Avengersstar Elisabeth Olsen had also auditioned for the same and claims it to be the most awkward audition.

Popularly known as Scarlet Witch from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Elisabeth in the initial stages of her career had auditioned for the part of Daenerys Targareyn. Talking about how she got into it, Elisabeth told a leading portal, “When I first started working, I just auditioned for everything, because I like auditioning. And I auditioned for Khaleesi. I forgot that. It was the most awkward audition I had ever had.” Further talking about what scene it was and why it was an awkward audition, she added, “It was from after she just burns and she’s making this speech to thousands of people about how she is their queen. They didn’t know if they wanted a British accent or not. So, I did it in both. It was terrible. Anytime someone asks about bad audition story that is the one I remember.”

Well, one’s loss is another’s gain. Both the actresses went on to get the parts which they have excelled in. For more updates and gossip stay tuned to CineBlitz.