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Zermatt, Kiruna, Chamonix: 5 off-beat travel destinations to beat the heat and chill this Summer

CineBlitz presents to you five off-beat locations to beat the heat and satisfy your cryophilia this Summer



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The summers and the crazy heat torment us in India. While the Southern Hemisphere enjoys their winters, we North Hemisphere-beings have to bear the the heat. Some take this opportunity to show off their bikini bods or their six-packs, but what if you have an affinity for the cold climate? Well, for all you cryophiles, we list some breath-taking places to visit this summer. Not only can you beat the heat, but you can enjoy some really picturesque and adventurous journeys. But wait, we aren’t giving out the usual hill-stations. We present to you five off-beat locations to beat the heat and satisfy your cryophilia! We are sure these places will make it to your list right away!

# Zermatt


Zermatt. Picture courtesy: Pixabay

The Swiss city might be no Interlaken or St. Moritz, but it is so beautiful that it’ll win your heart. Zermatt is the village city at the base of the Matterhorn, which is the highest peak in the Swiss Alps. Apart from hiking and skiing, the 365-day snow-clad destination also has a fantastic nightlife. The local food and drinks will have you hooked, but it is the marvellous view of the Matterhorn that will take your breath away. In fact, climbing to the topmost base, then skiing or snowboarding down is one of the most adventurous things you’ll do in your lifetime. The mountain fun-park, open-air theatre, and the community will make this family vacation your best yet! A visit to the Matterhorn Glacier, Interlaken and St. Moritz are also extra options.

# Hnappavellir and Jökulsárlón


Jökulsárlón. Picture courtesy: Pixabay

The Icelandic city of Hnappavellir is situated just below the highest peak of the country and is a mecca for rock climbers. The vertical cliffs and the Vatnajokull National Park will make this trip the most thrilling experience of your lifetime. It is close to the beautiful Jökulsárlón lake, which is the crown jewel of Iceland. With some stunning glaciers and icebergs, it is a sight to behold! You can spend a day at the lake, look around, or take a trip to the nearby national park. The glacier lagoon and the wildlife will make this trip an experience like never before. You can also visit the Diamond beach, which is a black sand beach with icebergs. The icebergs shine like diamonds when the sun strikes them, giving you one of the best sights you can ever witness. With temperatures ranging from -2º Celsius to 8º Celsius, this is one of the best options for cryophiles this summer.

# Kiruna


Kiruna. Picture courtesy: Pixabay

The Northern-most town in Sweden, it is home to the world famous Ice Hotel. It is a stunning masterpiece combining impressive pieces of art carved from crystal clear ice, and the Scandinavian culture. Some lipsmacking food and the fact that you can stay in a hotel made entirely of ice, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can also go dogsledding, witness the Northern lights, and go on an escapade to see the mythical Aurora (dancing lights). The Secret Char Lake, Abisko National Park and Sweden’s highest mountain Kebnekaise will give you the most breath taking views and pictures. In fact, you will fall in love with the Swedish Lapland if you are a hiker.

# Chamonix


Chamonix. Picture courtesy: Pixabay

If you love mountains and mountaineering, you will love this spot in the French Alps. The ski-resort spot sandwiched between France, Switzerland and Italy, is one of the most popular destinations for adventure seekers. Apart from cross-country skiing and snowboarding, you can indulge in luging, paragliding, and several other leisure activities. The cuisine in this French city along with the panoramic views will satisfy your expedition appetite. The snow-clad city situated in the valley also has a great nightlife, which you can enjoy at local bars. You can hike up Mont Blanc, enjoy the views of the Alpine lakes, or enjoy a stroll in the adventure parks. Chamonix also has a rich heritage, being the site of the first Winter Olympics (1924). Truly a place you should visit this summer!

# Saarieslka


Saarieslka. Picture courtesy: Pixabay

Finland is a really fantastic destination in itself, but wait till you visit Saarieslka in the north of the country! Home to the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, the North Finland hamlet is one of the most beautiful places to stay on earth, for more reasons than one. In this premium resort, you can stay in one of several glass igloos, which gives you a fantastic view of the Northern Lights. Yes, just imagine looking at the beautiful light effect right in front of your eyes, tucked in your luxury bed. For a more traditional experience, you can even book a log cabin. There are snow igloos too and this Nordic experience is like no other. The cuisine is amazing too, but the outdoor activities like skiing and reindeer rides will make this adventure even more worthwhile. You can spot several arctic animals as well as indulge in ice fishing in the village city. Cool, right? Cold, actually!

These are our picks to help you beat the heat this summer, in the most unique fashion. But these are not the only places you can visit. You can always visit Paris, London, Amsterdam, Bali, Maldives, Seychelles and several other places, which are popular summer destinations. However, these off-beat destinations we’ve listed, where you can experience winters, whilst India swelters in summer, will give you experiences like never before! Enjoy, eat, sleep, travel and repeat!