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COVID-19 has hit the cinema industry specially regional cinema in a big way

Producer Akshay Bardapurkar speaks about the scenario and his film AB ani CD that will on OTT soon



With the most unforeseen situation that arised due to COVID-19 where films were lined up for releases are all on hold for a long time now . This also  will hit the economics of cinema in a very big way and the smaller producers are going to be  hit the most due to the pandemic crisis.

 But it pained those the most whose films released on the day the lockdown was announced. One such films was Akshay Bardapurkar’s AB ani CD that had top actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Vikram Gokhale playing vital roles in it. The film was marked the return of Bachchan to Marathi cinema after nearly two decades.

Says Akshay  Bardapurkar, “ we had great expectations from the film as we got some great reactions from the people who watched the film during the premiere. We have incurred a huge box office loss and of course the spending on the promotions and advertising of the film.’’

Bardapurkar informs that there was a fear that the pandemic was coming our way but did not anticipate that it would hit the country hard. But heaves a sigh of relief as now an OTT platform has come on board and AB ani CD is likely to see a digital release in May.

So will Amitabh Bachchan and Vikram Gokhale promote the film, Bardapurkar promptly replies, “Yes , considering the fact that the film had to be shelved on the same day of the lockdown being announced , they should be able to promote in whatever capacity they could, these two Giants are the most senior and the most sensitive human beings, and they understand the plight of the producers as much as they understand the plight of common man, although Mr Gokhale isnt on social media as oppose to the Great Bachchan they will do the best they can to help Us, and the marathi diaspora and the audiences to watch the cinema on the OTT.’’

The producer is also  approaching insurance companies to see if such calamities can be covered. He said, “After facing a great amount of revenue loss, this time around the makers would not like to take any chances and they are in talks with a few insurance companies to understand that if all types of calamities/ pandemics are covered in it along with almost all unforseen circumstances. Once we have a clarity the idea is to secure the film right from the inception, its high time we give importance to such important things and not to leave everything to destiny, as producers lives on the fact that the film gets its full release everywhere be it theatres or any other platforms. “

After AB ani CD, Bardapurkar has another film titled Goshta eka paithanichi. He said, “ it is an entertaining film and stars Sayali Sanjeev and another film directed by national award winning filmmaker Prasad Oak’s Chandramukhi which is based on a novel by the same name.’’

Bardapurkar is very optimistic about the future scenario of the film industry, he said, “although corona has really made things tough for us , but i see a silver lining to this whole catastrophic situation , i always have believed that any bad situation always comes up with something good and something better, hence one take away of this is people even though wary of this situation will que up to the theatres once again and reminisce their hunger to watch films on large screens , that’s the real oxygen we all need after a strenuous lockdown.’’