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5 top performances of actor Sahil Salathia

Here’s recalling the 5 times he blew us over with his physical transformations as well as his portrayals.



Sahil Salathia

It has been a while since Sahil Salathia moved from Jammu to Mumbai to make it as an actor in Bollywood. He has shown immense potential every time he has appeared on screen, starting from his debut in Ashutosh Gowariker’s Everest to his latest show Adhura on Amazon Prime. From the small screen to the big screen, Sahil has proven himself on all the mediums, yet he remains one of the most underrated actors in Bollywood today. He is known for his bold and riske fashion choices and hugely celebrated for that, but his acting capabilities have no bounds and are just waiting to be exploited even more. While we await for this talent to get his due on screen, here’s recalling the 5 times he blew us over with his physical transformations as well as his portrayals.



When a filmmaker like Ashutosh Gowariker puts his trust in a debutante, you know that person has something special about them. And Sahil proved that right. As a young, charming boy in the show, Sahil won hearts. He played a boy-next-door who won over the audience with his appeal and charm on screen. From the word go, he proved that he is unstoppable and his skill set just grew with each project. Sahil played a protagonist who is a celebrated mountaineer called Arjun Sabharwal and got rave reviews for the same.

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P.O.W – Banddhi Yuddh Ke


After showing his charm as the boy-next-door, Sahil took a complete u-turn with Nikkhil Advani’s P.O.W- Bandhi Yuddh Ke. The actor played the antagonist on the series and showed that he is more than just a one trick pony. In just a few years of coming into the industry, Sahil showed his versatility and range as an actor, bowling everyone over with it. Sahil played a terrorist and went through huge transformation for that not just physically but also in terms of his diction to become Yussuf Wali Muazzam,the character he essayed.



After conquering the small screen, Sahil moved to the 70 mm, reuniting with his debut filmmaker Ashutosh Gowariker. But this time, along with the size of the screen, the scale as well as the responsibility were also bigger. And Sahil handled it so effortlessly and diligently. Playing Shamsher Bahadur, Bajrao and Mastani’s son, the actor was a true scene stealer. Even with his off-screen contemporary looks and demeanor, he pulled off the period persona of a warrior with utmost perfection since he transformed himself into Shamsher Bahadur on screen, the true warrior from the Maratha community. A memorable Bollywood debut indeed.

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After showing his intensity, charm and dedication with his first 3 projects, Sahil showed another facet of his acting skills in Hasmukh. The actor played a superstar high on drugs and even in a special appearance, he left an indelible mark with his portrayal. The persona of a superstar truly suited Sahil as his talent deserves that, but with Hasmukh he proved, irrespective of the length of the role, he knows how to put in his all and stand out.



The expertise of any actor lies in their capability to completely transform themselves into their characters. With Adhura, Sahil proved that again. Entering the horror space for the first time, Sahil left a memorable impression and his portrayal has become the talk of the town. With each performance, Sahil is proving his mettle and soon, he will be amongst the top talents in the industry. He is truly a talent bomb waiting to explode as his versatility has no boundaries.